Here’s How To Maintain The Dairy Cows’ Rumen Health With Silage

A farmer can find more microbes in a dairy cow’s rumen or its first stomach that receives food than the entire population of earth. So imagine what’s happening in a cow’s rumen if one thinks it’s challenging for everyone to work together. The central part of a rumen’s microbial population consists of bacteria. These microbes … Read more

Six Silage Safety Rules To Remember During Feed-Out

Here arrives the time of the year when farmers have begun to dig deep into their silage pile and feed their cows and buffaloes. Then, as the winter weather comes near, farmers can hurry to get the feeding done and return to their warm sheds. However, taking shortcuts during feed-out is a grave mistake as … Read more

Proper Silage Storage and Maintenance Can Go a Long Way: Here’s Why?

Busy farmers have much more to worry about than thinking whether their silage is stored correctly for future use or not. Fodder is one of the highest costs in farms, and with this summer’s plethora of rain, it is a big priority for farmers to store their silage properly. Silage is nothing but crops preserved … Read more