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Recently, there has been an announcement that the Zend framework would be rebranded as the Laminas Project. In case you don’t know, the Laminas Project is an open-source contribution to the framework of Zend. So what this means is that the project would feature community support. 

Quite interestingly, the community transferred the code base of the Zend framework to Github. For a website and mobile app development company, the Laminas Project comes with an extensive migration guide that is handy and useful for migrating apps. 

It is worthwhile here to note that these new changes feature some essential updates that include Apigility and Expressive packages. You must be thinking by now that why it is necessary to migrate it to Laminas. 

Well, as a developer, if you want to receive any updates, bug fixes, and security patches for your Zend framework, you should know the ways to transfer it to the Laminas Project.   

A Brief Overview of Laminas 

For those who are still in a predicament, the Laminas project is the continuation of the Zend framework. At its core, it is a PHP framework, and a plethora of developers still favor it. Renowned organizations support multiple ecommerce platforms and content management apps with the help of this framework. 

On the other hand, due to its open-source nature, developers get access to a vast community, which is an added bonus. In short, the Laminas Project is the next step in the evolution of the PHP Zend framework. Interestingly, the Zend framework has a vast collection of professional PHP packages with more than 600 million installations. 

Developers favor the Zend framework to design web apps and services. It has support for PHP 5.6 and facilitates 100% object-oriented code. The community of the Zend framework has support from renowned tech giants like Google, Microsoft, etc. And now, as this project is hosted by the popular Linux platform, you can receive the best support possible. 

Prominent Changes one should be aware of

As you can see, currently, there is a change in the name and governance of the framework. If you are a developer, note that the Laminas Project’s code base would function similarly to the web development platform of Zend. 

As the base has resemblance, so developers are not expecting any significant changes in the code. So here is the list of some changes in terminologies a website and mobile app Development Company should be aware of. 

  • Laminas is the new name for the Zend framework 
  • The API tools of Laminas are the new name for Apigility 
  • Mezzio is the new term for Expressive

The Noteworthy Objectives of the Laminas Project

The crucial objectives of the Laminas Project include the amalgamation of several frameworks as the Expressive micro framework, MV, and Apigility framework. Developers should be mindful of the fact that this merger would help the Laminas Project to open up new opportunities in the field of web and mobile app development. What’s more, developers with the new framework can create apps that would feature better security, quality, and transparency.   

Components of the Laminas Project 

Amateur, as well as expert web developers should note that Laminas has support for a wide variety of components. From enterprise level applications to standard web apps, you can include dependency injection, validation of inputs, navigation, etc. All these functionalities can make the app more stable and responsive. 

The API Tools of Laminas 

Previously known as Apigility, the API tools of Laminas include the following functionalities. 

  • These tools can design RESTFul APIs quickly
  • It has the ability to differentiate data from the logic of presentation that has support for various form factors of the client. In simple words, it can support a plethora of form factors without affecting the user interface 
  • You can deploy API tools in any PHP application by the wise use of libraries and frameworks of your choice
  • It facilitates details for the HTTP APIs

The MVC Framework of Laminas 

For developers, Laminas is an event-driven MVC framework with a workflow that is flexible. What’s more, you also avail support for modular application system along with integrations and tools for app testing. 

However, as the Mezzio middleware has greater flexibility and performance of the APIs, it is recommended that people adopt the Mezzio framework for requirements related to API. In this context, it is crucial to note that Mezzio’s API tooling is not yet complete. 

But after completion of the API tooling process, it would be one of the big projects from the community of the Laminas. As per the latest insights, Laminas would be providing the latest security patches and maintenance fixes for the API tools despite the incompletion of the tooling process.    

Is Zend Contributing to the New Platform of Laminas? 

For many developers who don’t know, the Zend framework was a component-based framework. In other words, it allowed the developers to pick the suitable components as per requirement. Zend is an ideal choice to build app functionalities as it bridges the gap between paid software and open-source platform. 

The latest functionalities to be added to the Laminas platform have not yet been released. But they are designing some great functionality around enterprise and PHP integrations. On the other hand, Zend continues to provide support for the enterprise-grade apps. In short, Zend is actively contributing to the latest Laminas platform.        

Transferring Zend to the Latest Laminas Platform 

Any developer still would have the ability to install an existing framework related to Zend. They can also install Expressive and Apigility packages. But as you know, these versions would no longer receive maintenance and update support from the community. 

To make sure that the frameworks of your app have the latest patches and security fixes, it is essential to migrate to Laminas branded packages. A website and mobile app development company can also opt for expert migration support to transfer Zend to the latest Laminas platform. By upgrading to the Laminas Platform, there is no need to rebuild your mobile and web apps from the beginning.   

It is imperative for a web and app development company to migrate to the latest Laminas platform. You can severely compromise the security and stability of your development efforts by not migrating to the newest platform. 

Quite interestingly, this new platform would gain rapid recognition from the e-commerce developers. And for developers who used Zend earlier, the Laminas platform brings a fresh wave of recent changes. This new platform has the ability to reorganize components and eliminate the features that are not useful.

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