Technology Start-Ups to Watch Out Going into 2021

There is a radical shift in how we see and do everyday activities today when almost everything is automated and `at your finger. You don’t have to stand in long queues in a bank to withdraw money, and you don’t have to visit the nearby office to pay your electricity bill physically. Technology has changed everything, and medical science is a great testimony to that proposition. In this tech revolution, the UK is one of the central pillars, which represents the face of this shift.

Technology is being employed by lenders as well today while deciding on a borrower’s loan application whether to approve it or not. Direct lenders are offering bad credit loans with no guarantor, and no credit check wherein they use modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning algorithms etc. These lenders perform soft credit checks on the borrowers’ profile which means even if your loan application is rejected, your credit score will not go down.  

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most exciting start-ups to watch out as we enter a new decade. Here it goes:


Hopin is a virtual events platform with many interactive features. Started in London by Johnny Boufarhat whose immune system was debilitated by an allergy which forced him to work from home. He managed work, but he was not able to attend the industry meetings, so he started Hopin for people to replicate a real experience while sitting at home.

Hopin is much more than just attending a presentation, and it has advertisements, networking capability, virtual backstage and what not. Lockdown was the time for Hopin to grow leaps and bounds, and it indeed did grow from 10,000 users to being double in just a couple of weeks.


Robotic automation is said to rule going forward with is downside being a loss of myriad manual jobs. However, as Victor Hugo once said “No power in the Universe can stop an idea whose time has come”, it will make things easy and will benefit businesses in terms of cost-efficiency.

Karakuri is a start-up working in this space with their two robotic products that are used for preparation and serving of food. These products are named as Marley and DK One, which is automated robots for service purposes. These tools also can cater to customers’ request using their app, which will be vital in this social distancing scenario.


It is more of an acronym for ‘Absolutely No-Nonsense Admin’ which is a FinTech start-up based out of Cardiff. This is predominantly for freelancers, small and mid-size businesses for whom they provide business accounts through their application.

Their business’s premise is no-nonsense banking by offering the facility to customers for them to open a bank account in just 3-5 minutes. They have recently collaborated with the payments provider Mastercard to offer better services to their customers. They are also planning to start lending services by offering various loans.


A relatively new start-up which is into the security domain with its open-source Kubernetes tool. This tool is known to identify and flag anomalies and vulnerabilities in the programming code. This identification is made before the code gets on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket for that matter.

The tech developers can upload the code to their respective repository using this code security. Snyk has gained the prestigious Unicorn status in just five years since its inception with $1 billion in valuation at the start of this year, which is now more than doubled to $2.6 billion amidst this Coronavirus outbreak.


Loop is one of the frontrunners in the race to save email culture and enhance it with improved features to stop it from becoming obsolete. This start-up was started in the financial capital of the UK with an application that acts as a plug-in for Google Mail.

They have incorporated features like BBM and Slack to replace tedious emails with instant text messages. They have also enabled a dashboard to track everything within a team. Many companies in the UK embrace this email + messaging idea.

Signal AI

This start-up has something in common with stalwarts like Amazon, Ford, and Microsoft, which is they started from a small garage-like these stalwarts. They started small, but today they are present in multiple geographies as a Communication and Public Relations (PR) service providers.

They cater to business heads and CXOs by offering them relevant information they need during any time of the day. Their idea was welcomed by companies in both the private and the public sector with some of the prominent clients being Deloitte and Fujitsu.

Wage Stream

Another innovative FinTech start-up started in London who are on a mission to abolish paydays with their application. Users can access this app to know about their current pro-rata pay in case they need the money. They are not a lending institution since the pay of any user is real-time in nature, and the cost of withdrawal is mere £1.75 for a single withdrawal.

You will stop using credit cards or paying overdraft fee once you start using the Wage Stream’s app. This start-up was founded in 2019 and has already received £44 million in a couple of rounds of funding. They also signed a deal with the payments giant Visa for expansion into the European market.  


This London based technology start-up is a provider of software for autonomous vehicles in the UK. Their team have employed machine learning algorithms and computer vision while manufacturing control systems for autonomous and self-driven vehicles. The current scene of tech-enabled machines for navigation and acting in the natural environment is what Oxbotica is trying to address.

Oxford VR

Virtual Reality (VR) has taken everyone by surprise with its rapid emergence and widespread acceptance. This start-up company is into the treatment of psychological ailments using the power of VR. It was founded in 2016 to tackle the problem of cognitive-based behavioural therapy mechanism by using technology. There is a virtual coach who is assigned to every patient in this therapy for automated treatments.


You must have heard people saying Data is the new oil, and its extraction is data analytics. This company is doing a perfect exploration and extraction of data in over 80 countries globally. They are a research portal for businesses to get market and industry insights.

They provide real-time data, and their analytical arm converts that data into meaningful information and insights for enhanced decision making of their clients. Whether it market research for a new product or testing of a product, they do it everything.

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