Tested Solutions for the QuickBooks error 12029

Like every software, QuickBooks also has a drawback, and it is the occurrence of errors. Although to avoid the problem of errors, users take preventive measures by keeping the QuickBooks desktop up to date. Users are advised to check the newly available updates and keep downloading them regularly, but sometimes users complain about addressing errors while downloading the latest updates. This section will talk about an error that occurs in a similar situation, the QuickBooks error 12029. This error resurfaces while downloading the QuickBooks desktop and payroll updates. Continue reading for all the specifics.

If you find it challenging to go through the whole blog and then follow the steps, we recommend you to contact our support staff at 1.800.579.0391 and avail yourself of advanced troubleshooting techniques.

Here are some reasons why the QuickBooks Fail to receive the IP address or Servers

QuickBooks error 12029 is a network time-out error. It indicates that QuickBooks cannot retrieve an IP address, and the servers are not connected properly, which hampers the downloading of QuickBooks desktop and payroll updates.

  1. If the internet connection of the user’s computer is poor while downloading the updates, then they will address the error 12029.
  2. The antivirus, anti-malware application, or windows firewall sometimes intervenes, stopping the new updates from getting downloaded.
  3. QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer as a default browser. If the users select another default browser, the error will appear.
  4. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) creates an encrypted link between the server and the web browser. The application uses its certification, and if it is expired or invalid, this error will occur.

Troubleshooting steps for the QuickBooks error 12029

Step1. Check the internet connectivity and settings-

  1. First, download and run the TSL 1.2 Utility.
  2. And ensure that Internet Explorer is set as Default Browser.
  3. Also, check that you can access the secure website outside the QB desktop.

Step2. Review the Internet Explorer settings-

  1. Exit the QB desktop and open Internet Explorer.
  2. First, choose Tools and then Internet Options.
  3. Then select the Globe Icon from the Security Tab and make the security level Medium-high.
  4. Then, on the Connections tab, select Never Dial Connection if you do not use the Dial-Up Node or select ISP if you do.
  5. Choose Ok, then select LAN settings, and then Automatically Detect Settings.
  6. Uncheck the Use a Proxy Server checkbox and document the address and port. If the port is not 80, then do not uncheck the option.
  7. Choose Ok, then go to Advanced and choose Restore Advanced Settings. Then, under Settings, find Use TLS 1.2 and select it.
  8. Choose Ok, then exit Internet Explorer and Restart.

If the steps mentioned above do not resolve the QuickBooks error 12029, users can check the security settings to verify if another application is preventing the download. Users can also perform a clean QB install in a selective startup or try repairing Internet Explorer. If the QuickBooks error 12029 persists, users can contact us at 1.800.579.0391 to resolve this issue at the earliest.

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