The 3 Exciting Tie Knots to Wear

The leading tie knots in the fashion world are the four-in-hand knot, Windsor knot, and the half-Windsor knot. How can you decide the best one among these or others? We have got you covered and will also inform you regarding a tie dimple. Read this article to familiarize yourself with everything related to tying a tie knot. 

Please learn that your tie knot styles should be in accordance with your shirt’s collars to avoid being hot under the collar. 



It has been seen ofttimes that men use the only-known knot with all types of the shirt collar. What is the reason behind learning new styles? Because the unmatchable relation between the knot’s lines and collar shape wreak havoc. It is devastated because mismatching can cause your knot to look either too big or too small. It can mess the overall appearance and will turn a gentleman’s look into a buffoon. 


You should consider a few points for an apt know, which are as follows: 

– Collar Style

– Body Type

– Tie Construction

– Necktie Design



Mainly, you have to harmonize the knot type and shirt collar style. You have to know that different shirt collar styles come with a distinctive notch size and point angle. It produces a variety of sizes for tie knot gap.  

For instance, a person needs a larger and triangular-shaped tie knot for the wide spread collar because its angle points are higher than 90°. Likewise, it would be best to tie a narrow and long-shaped knot for the straight-point collar as it has an angle point of less than 60°.

Furthermore, skinny and tall men should don a longish-shaped knot, whereas people with large necks should consider proportionally fit knots.



Let’s talk about the most prominent tie knot styles now, which are often mentioned on the tie boxes:


  1. The Four-in-Hand Knot:It is the simplest technique to acquire. It is said to be designed by the British horsemen who tied their scarves with a single hand while holding four horses’ rein in the other one. It has a small yet slightly long look that works best with the narrow-spread and button-down collars. It is known for its simple and stylish appearance. It a flawless style for Regimental and British Striped ties because of its elegant look. 


  1. The Windsor Knot: It is also known as Full or Double Windsor, and it is rarely knotted, mostly with a wide spread collar. It features a large, triangular-shaped, and symmetric form and is ideal for modern striped and foulard print ties. 


  1. The Half-Windsor Knot: It is a mini-version of the Windsor knot. It is more triangular and larger than the Four-in-Hand style but smaller than the Windsor knot and is great for collars with a medium-width spread. It is also ideal for thick designer ties. It gives a very tidy and enhanced appearance. 


  1. The Tie Dimple: It is a deliberate fold that is made near the knot. It gives a textured appearance to the tie and more depth to the entire outfit. You can have a dimpled knot by folding a crease at the tie’s center. You have to make sure that the crease follows all the way through, including knot’s back. Now you have to tighten the knot while holding the fold in place. It requires practice to give a sophisticated look. 


The End

Your tie knots and collars will be of no use when you are wearing an ill-fitting shirt. You can have tailored-made outfits to have the best look. If you are a newbie or a veteran, these styles will make the entire attire relishing. It might not seem too important, but a tie is the statement of your dress and personality. Practice these three tie knots to stand vividly in the crowd.


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