The 4 best tricks for cleaning ceilings

The 4 best tricks for cleaning ceilings

Ceiling cleaning is an aspect that should always be considered, and because ceilings are not as visible as walls or floors and also because they are less accessible when cleaning, they are given less attention.

To make ceilings stand out for their cleanliness, in this post we will show you the 4 best tricks that you should always use.

1. Identify when you want to clean the ceilings

It is very important that you know when you want to do the ceiling cleaning and the frequency. With private homes, the owners are the ones who decide these issues, but if we are dealing with public or private spaces, the times to clean the ceilings will be determined by factors such as the activity carried out, the volume of users of the spaces, the waste they generate, the degree of air pollution, and the ventilation and air conditioning systems.

There are very specific times when a roof cleaning is clearly needed. Those times are usually when:

  • There are dark areas or sooty patches
  • The color of the roofs changes from white to yellow
  • There are stains near the grilles of the ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • There are insects, both alive and dead, stuck to the ceilings

2. Observe the type of ceiling you want to clean

Not all ceilings are the same, and therefore, the way to clean them is also different. The same cleaning materials are not used if the ceilings are glass or plaster.

Some of the most common types of ceilings are false ceilings, glass ceilings, removable ceilings, plaster ceilings, and car roofs.

2.1 False ceilings

Often, not enough attention is paid to false ceilings, and it is a very serious mistake because the chamber between the original ceiling and the false ceiling is usually removable and accumulates all kinds of dirt and insects.

It is not only insects that can settle in false ceilings also rodents, birds, or bats.

2.2 Glass ceilings

Their fragility usually characterized glass ceilings ‌get dirty much more easily than other types of ceilings.

If the glass ceilings are outside, the contact of the rain, the hail, or simply the atmospheric contamination, will always make them dirty and therefore they will have to be cleaned ‌frequently.

Another aspect that must be considered when you want to clean glass ceilings is whether they are easily accessible or the opposite. 

The higher the ceiling and the more complicated it is to access them, the more difficulties we will have when cleaning them and it is likely that we will need the help of a specialized cleaning company in Sydney

2.3 Removable roofs

The major advantage of removable ceilings is that the someone can easily clean them significant results. In addition, if we clean them frequently, we will ‌maintain them better and make them last much longer.

2.4 Plaster ceilings

The ceilings that are made of plaster have a very elegant app and accumulate dirt ‌easily. The ideal is to clean the dust that remains accumulated on the pieces of plaster, such as ornaments, trim, or other forms, with a slightly damp cloth or a duster.

2.5-car roofs

To clean car roofs, the first thing you should do is try to remove the dust with a slightly damp cloth, and later, if they have the usual grease stains, rub over the stained area with water and vinegar.

If you notice that the dirt does not go away, seek the help of cleaning professionals.

3. Consider the objects that are suspended from the ceilings 

Before cleaning ceilings, ‌observe what objects are hanging from the ceiling and remove them or cover them with plastic or cloth so that they do not get dirty or damaged. The lamps, the grilles, the diffusers have to be disassembled and then reassembled so that we can clean them‌. These types of objects are where dirt sticks more easily. 

4. Cover the walls and furniture with cloth or plastic

When cleaning ceilings, it is often overlooked that all the dirt that is cleaned falls to the ground, staining the walls and furniture.

The ideal when cleaning the ceilings is that the room in question is empty, but that is almost impossible. Therefore, ‌cover the walls and furniture that are under the ceilings with fabrics or plastic.


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