The Benefits of Attending Online School

Online schools provide a high-quality education and are a great option for your child, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are looking for an international school in Singapore or an online school elsewhere in the world, virtual schools are an excellent option. Here are a few of the main benefits of attending a virtual school for your child:

  • More flexibility to meet students’ needs. Traditional brick and mortar schools can be difficult for athletes, actors, artists and any students heavily involved with extracurricular activities, as they struggle to find a balance between academics and their extracurricular interests. There are plenty of students in these situations who devote a large amount of time to travel, practice and other extracurricular requirements in order to meet their goals, but virtual schools provide flexible schedules that meet students’ needs and fit the school to the student, rather than fitting the student to the school. Beyond extracurricular activities, everyone can benefit from the flexibility of online schools. With the virtual school model, it is easy to accommodate doctors’ appointments, part time jobs, volunteering and other commitments. Students who are currently homeschooled might find online school to be an excellent choice and a smooth transition. The flexible schedule enables students to move at their own pace. Students at online schools do not have to wait for other students to catch up or worry about rushing through tough concepts. This flexible pace enables mastery of material on the student’s terms.
  • A chance for homeschool students to learn at home with a proven curriculum. If your children currently homeschool or you are considering homeschooling, online school is an excellent option for you and your family to consider. With online school, you do not need to find materials and you can make sure that your child has a complete, well rounded and proven education. You don’t need to take on the job of a full-time teacher, and there are certified teachers that support your student’s learning process with a proven curriculum in all core topics and electives. With online school, you can still play a crucial role in your child’s education as a learning coach. You are able to monitor your child’s progress, keep them motivated and participate in your child’s daily learning. Online school allows you to be involved and keep your child close by in the comfort and safety of your own home. 
  • Fewer distractions and time wasters. One of the biggest benefits of online learning is that students have fewer distractions and time wasters. Students can focus on their classes without having peers as a distraction, and they have a learning coach to monitor their progress and continue learning on track. When your student is learning at home, there are fewer opportunities for inappropriate influences, bullying and behaviors that you do not condone. Online school also allows your student to benefit from the local school’s curriculum without the wasted time or weather delays, roll call, long bus or car rides and talkative classmates. Virtual schools are able to personalize education to each individual child. Students are not distracted by other students, and their learning is not interrupted by teachers addressing other students’ bad behaviors.
  • Opportunity for struggling students to thrive. Online schools can be a great option for students struggling to thrive at traditional schools, including students who grasp new material faster or slower than other students, students who need to manage chronic health concerns or conditions throughout the day, students who are rebuilding their confidence after experiencing bullying and students who accrue a large number of absences due to a difficult to accommodate schedule. These students need to approach school differently because of a wide range of circumstances, and they deserve the chance to thrive academically. Online school provides a unique approach that can accommodate students and give them the tools they need to succeed. Online school teachers can personalize assignments, offer extra resources and arrange time to speak with students one on one to give them the individual attention they need. Online school can also help decrease sick days, since students can work on school at a different time of the day if they are not feeling well.
  • Better connections with family, friends and teachers. Even though students might not see their classmates on a daily basis, students at online schools often form better connections with the people that they interact with on a regular basis. Online schools also provide more one on one time with teachers, which can improve their learning experience. The flexible schedule and structure of online schools also enable parents to take a more active role in their child’s learning process. They can create a personalized calendar of social activities to suit the child’s interests and temperament. This makes it easier to schedule important family trips and outings.


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