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Many CPG brands are experimenting with temporary or seasonal pop-up stores in key markets. This pop-up marketing allows them to reach new audiences and deliver exceptional experiences. Here, they can ensure the right product information is being shared directly with buyers, as well as their influencers and industry media. Most of these are very creative spaces that allow for hands-on engagement.

Advances in mobile innovation, automated supply chain management, artificial intelligence and information analytics are all changing how the CPG industry thinks about marketing. In some ways, these innovations have actually leveled the playing field for new companies in the market and smaller businesses who don’t have the luxury of customers who’ve been purchasing their product for years. Utilizing the web to connect directly with their customers via social media, e-commerce, and other methods is a game-changer for such companies. Create brand loyalty and engage with your customers with our experience in running giveaways, contests, and social media ad campaigns that encourage customers to interact with your business, whether it be online or in-person. We keep your best interests in mind when creating our campaigns and our team manages and monitors your accounts regularly to address any comments or concerns. A collaborative group of experienced creatives, we’re focused on smart, sales-minded strategies to bring your food, beauty, natural or cannabis brand to life.

With a focus on natural and organic products, Sloat Design Group has been creating and revitalizing brands across all retail segments since 2003. Their brand identities and package designs are thoughtfully created to work with a brand’s growing product line, over time and across multiple consumer targets. Always immersed in the trends that affect consumer packaged goods, particularly food and beverage, they develop strategies that keep their clients a step ahead. Their award winning team has helped some of the most discerning global brands and visionary startups express their unique brand personality, stand out on shelf, and realize quantifiable results. Most consumer packaged goods websites do not provide content that is relevant and convenient for customers. SEO Design Chicago creates custom text written by our team that is specific to the services provided which drives brand awareness and loyalty. Among fierce competition, SEO Design Chicago will provide a product that will stand out and drive customers to your business.

Great ideas can become top-notch products, but without a customer base, an entrepreneur’s hard work might never amount to anything. Half the battle is being nimble enough to adapt to the ever-evolving retail landscape. Companies that equip themselves with dedicated team members, creative marketing initiatives, an aggressive sales strategy, and competent managers will be well on their way to competing with the Unilever’s of the world.

An article by Natalie Taylor talks about the importance of having an Amazon strategy. For companies who have long focused on product placement in-store (and those valuable end-cap displays), a sponsored product listing on Amazon is the digital equivalent.

In 2017, consumers spent $453.46 billion through e-commerce. Roughly half (51%) of Americans report making online purchases using their cellphones, while 15% have purchased something by following a link on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, according to

Find Out Why Were Leaders In The Cpg Digital Marketing Industry

The digital consumer expects more — an “always-open” store where the experience is frictionless from beginning to end. Your brand needs a strategy that is consistent across all channels — connecting products and customer service with delivery on demand.

All presentations are pitch-free, and include actionable takeaways, case studies, strategies and tactics, ready to be applied when back in the office. ICUC offers a wide variety of social media marketing services for CPG companies. Updating your consumer packaged goods website design is a surefire way to elevate your business to new heights. We are able to create a web design that is attractive to make your visitors stay for a longer period of time, increasing the chances of your CPG company being able to convert them into customers.

You can be sure that your CPG web pages are aesthetically pleasing and will showcase your products and services in the most enticing way. We have deep knowledge of the vast online needs of businesses, and you can be sure that this knowledge extends to the consumer packaged goods niche. We help brands connect and engage with new audience segments through consumer content marketing, social media and PR campaigns. Full-service digital marketing solutions designed specially for CPG brands looking to engage shoppers across their website, creative, social media and more. Websites like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have effectively taken advantage of the large web audience. For many people, the internet has become akin to a market square or mall.

Pop-up shops are a great way to test a direct to consumer model, as well. We specialize in branding and package design for the food and beverage industry, but we have worked across a number of diverse industries and there is no creative challenge that we cannot meet. From brand identity to production management, we have done it all for our clients, which include such beloved brands as Campbell Soup Company, The Hershey Company, Pepsico, Hatfield Quality Meats, and Pier 1 Imports. With over 20 years of CPG marketing agency experience under our belts, Works Design Group is committed to producing inspired designs that both reflect and enhance the strategic goals of our customers’ brands. CPG or Consumer packaged goods is an industry term for merchandise that customers frequently use up and replace. Consumer packaged goods include household goods such as, food, beverages, cosmetics and cleaning products. That is why these CPG brands need digital marketing, to reach these customers when they are ready to make that purchase.

  • Reading reviews is good, but seeing real people vouch for the product can be an integral selling point for potential consumers.
  • also found that 57% of people are more likely to buy from a brand that they follow on social and that 75% of people have purchased something because they saw it on social media.
  • Product demonstrations can be done digitally, and the user can receive information about your brand from the comfort of their couch.
  • Videos, photos and positive promotion of your product can be liked and shared for all to see.
  • People from all around the world can showcase how your product can be useful across various cultures, classes and situations.
  • Social platforms with video sharing capabilities allow you and your customers to create content that shows the uses and value of your brand.

DBC’s strategic consumer marketing campaigns are driven by tactical relationship building strategies and longstanding personal relationships within the CPG verticle. We create integrated marketing campaigns that resonate with influencers known as “Spheres of Influence.” These influencers are people who are connected and trusted both your target consumer and in your target market. Through integrated brand marketing we connect you and the influencers to your target customer. They are often the power socializers – commonly found online but also offline – who consumers look to for purchasing advice.

Advertising That Promises No Benefit To The Consumer Does Not Sell

Digital marketing can help you increase your brands presence online and get your products in front of consumers when they’re ready to buy. Some specific tactics we recommend to get your product sales up include pay-per-click and retargeting ads, omnichannel marketing, and data monitoring and analysis.

In 2018, food and beverage was the fastest-growing category on Amazon. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased sales of all CPG products, both on Amazon and on other platforms.

Today’s consumers often learn about products from social media. In a market like consumer packaged goods, when products may seem like interchangeable commodities at first glance, your social presence can provide the key to helping your brand stand out. In CPG marketing, we often rely on our retailer partners to push our product. Imagine, however, if you would design your own retail location.

Facebook ads are another excellent advertising strategy we recommend for our consumer packaged goods customers. Facebook has a huge audience, so you can reach a large set of demographics while also having the ability to choose your target audience. SEO Design Chicago can create a creative, unique Facebook ad campaign for your consumer packaged goods company.

With just a few clicks, consumers can explore and compare products, prices, and delivery options. They are influenced by what other buyers think and can complete a transaction in any way that they want.

Consumers still go to brick and mortar locations, but not without their cellphones. The best strategy for this trend is to be with the customer during such a crucial moment. Social media is a direct way for your CPG advertising to reach them whether they’re in the store or at home. Even though you should focus heavily on your call to action, you should try to provide plenty of content that will interest customers in a way that doesn’t always seem like selling. Social sites provide a good platform to spotlight your company’s commitment to worthy causes, how your products solve problems, and even your customers. If you’re selling ketchup, dishwashing soap, or lotion, you need to make certain people remember your brand positively, and your social media can help you do that.

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