The best online course for photography with hands-on practice and practical training

Photography is a passion for some whereas a profession for others who wish to earn their bread through it. Professional photography is an art and a science that demands professional education to excel in the stream. Some people cannot resist picking up their camera while encountering beautiful scenery or while attending a family function. For all of them, there are professional photography colleges in India to teach them the nitty-gritty of the art and make them excel in it.

There are ample institutes of photography in India armed with experienced faculties to help students learn its minute details. They create a learning atmosphere where photography aspirants come together to learn the art of imaging in a professional atmosphere. These institutions also train them in different genres of photography and help them professionally skilled. In previous years, one has to learn the art of photography by working as an assistant with professional photographers. Similarly, you can learn the nuances of the art with the help of expert photo courses online

The best course for photography online:

You can take your passion for photography to a new level by following the online digital camera course from Sudhir Shivaram. He offers the best photography courses and renders the course in an easy-to-understand format. The aspirants can learn the course with the help of their existing equipment and he also offers practical field trips for hands-on training. His course material is highly suitable for both experts and amateurs. 

Students gain in-depth knowledge of the photography techniques in this professional endowment and also gear themselves to learn the aesthetics of photography with confidence. These institutes are backed up with the most experienced faculties in the industry who train their students to be competent photographers in their stream of interest.

Courses offered by Sudhir shivaraman:

The courses are sorted in such a way that it covers the various genres of photography such as nature, sport, wildlife, macro photography, photojournalism, etc. He offers a combination of theory and practical classes for in-depth knowledge of the subject by its students.

  1. Fashion photography: This course is a part of only the top photography colleges in the country where students are academically taught the critical aspects of photography in the fashion industry. Classes are conducted by the highly qualified photographers of the fashion industry to help explore the entire fashion world
  2. Wedding photography: Training is offered to understand the composition, exposure, lighting, and other minute details of the stream. Guidance from experienced professionals helps students master their unique visual photography style.
  3. E-Commerce photography course: E-commerce photography is in high demand with the rise of digital shopping centers. Students are taught to take High-quality images for the websites through assignments, practice, and classroom teaching.
  4. Commercial and advertising photography: Advertising is inherent in promoting products and services. Skilled and trained photographers are in keen demand for creating commercials for products. This can also be an excellent start to one’s career.

Bottom line:

Photography as an art and science is taught in several colleges in the country, but only a few dedicated people put their heart and soul into creating professional photographers through their careful guidance and training.

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