The Difference in a Goodman 2 Ton Air Handler

Notwithstanding the actual size of an air handler that your home needs, there are some systems that are not going to operate as they should without the inclusion of an air handler. Some systems need larger 5 ton air handlers, and others will work just fine by a smaller model like a Goodman 2 ton air handler, but the systems that need them will not operate any other way.

So here we can get a little more into what an air handler is and why it matters, as there are some systems that will not function without them. The air conditioner itself is a condenser that removes heat and humidity from the environment and then takes them away, typically venting them to the environment outside.

While some air handlers have condenser units and are capable of cooling some air, their chief function is not in the heating or cooling of air itself. The chief function of an air handler is to move air around where it is needed in a home. That is to say, the chief function of an air handler is to circulate air.

Consider a large home that needs a big furnace in the winter and a large air conditioner to keep comfortable throughout the seasons. That large space doesn’t just need a lot of heating and cooling power; it also has a lot of air inside that needs to be moved around once it is heated or cooled.

Therefore, while the heater heats the air and the air conditioning system cools the air, the air handler itself is responsible for circulating air around the home. Air handlers, since they keep the air moving, can also keep the indoor air quality fresh with an adequate air handler.

Goodman, in specific, is one of the most reliable players in the HVAC industry. For example, when you shop for a Goodman 2 ton air handler, you should look for units that have multi-position, multi-speed blower motors and are built around the SmartFrame Sub Structure that is tougher than competitor models and thoughtfully designed.

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