The fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or ED refers to the inability in getting enough erection during sex. If the erectile dysfunction is a continuous issue, then this is a matter of concern. Continuous erectile dysfunction problems may create stress, affect self confidence and sometimes it create relationship problems. Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of some of the heath conditions that may also contribute in severe heart damage.


Erectile dysfunction is a serious concern and the patient should contact a doctor for further discussion. He may refer treatment online Pharmacy Generic Villa  and medications like vilitra 20  for this type of issue. Erectile dysfunction is absolutely curable and with proper medication and treatment many people has got relief from it. Let’s se, what are possible treatments and medication for this erectile dysfunction issue.


When you should see a doctor for the treatment of ED


You may feel embrassed to contact a doctor for this issue. So, in that case you can connect your family doctor if you face the problem of erectile dysfunction.


  • In case, if you have any issue of erectile dysfunction or other sexual issues like prematured or delay in ejaculation.
  • Some of the health issues like diabates, heart issues and etc can have a connection with erectile dysfunction. In that case, inform it to the doctor immediately.


Available medication for erectile dysfunction treatment


These following medications are used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction.

You should not take these medications, if you take nitrate like nitroglycerin which is used for chest pain. The combination of ed medication and nitrate may contribute in severe falling of blood pressure.


Difference between the medications


Basically, these medications work in similar way. But the difference matters in their effectiveness and time to start action. Levitra basically take 30 minutes to begin with and it lasts for a long time which is far better than viagra. It msy last up to 5 hours .


How this medication work in erectile dysfunction


All of these above-mentioned medicines relax the muscles and increase the blood flow during intercourse. In case, if you are having alpha blockers for treating the condition of prostrate enlargement. This combination is also dangerous which may present sudden drop of blood pressure.


Sometimes, a health care professional advice to take testosterone if it is low in the blood. Testosterone is also effective to cure erectile dysfunction. But if the ED is caused for any type of nerve problem, then this solution may not work for you. Consuming testosterone can also bring side effects which are high red blood cell count and other problems related with urination.


However, testosterone may not work if the patient has problems related to age or delayed hypogonadism. You should not go for the testosterone therapy until your doctor recommends it to do. Testosterone may create other disbalanced health problems so don’t miss to consult with your doctor before you take testosterone therapy.


Other medications


You may get a strong erection after taking the injection called alprostadil in penis. As per the doctors, the oral medication may not give immediate response in sexual stimulation but the injectable medication may create an automatic erection.


Some people also insert suppository alprostadil into the urethra instead of injecting it to the penis. This is such a medicine that can be inserted in your body for getting dissolved. In that case, your health consultant may advice you to buy a prefilled applicator into the urethra. It will create an erection within 8 to 10 minutes that may last up to 30 to 60 minutes.


Alternative medicine


Certain alternative oral medicines can also help in getting an erection. But remember, all the natural or herbal supplements are not safe. These may cause severe health problems. Before you take any alternative medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements, consult your physician. You shouldn’t order a medicine without any prescribed advice from any medical practioner.


Precautions for taking these medications


Once more, you should not take these medications, if you already take nitrates for chest pain. But for some other situations, you need to consult your doctor for taking viagra. In case of:


  • If you are allergic to any certain medications like vidalista 20, tell your doctor.
  • If you already take any herbal or dietary supplements or any prescription or nonprest drug, discuss it with the doctor.
  • If you have any upcoming surgery even if it is dental surgery, tell your doctor.
  • If you are advised to take alpha blockers for treating problems with blood pressure and prostate problems, then these ED pills may create fluctuation in your blood pressure label.


Before you take Cenforce pills, make sure to read the prescription level . If you have any queries for taking this medication, don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist.


Side effects


For taking medication like for super p force for ED, you may have some possible side effects such as headache, warmth feeling, nasal congestion, hearing loss and back pain. These are normal and you have to face it when taking medication for ED.


Important information you should remember


After taking these medications, if you get erection for more than 4 hours without any sexual excitement, then you may need further treatment for it. In medical science, this problem is known as priapism where blood gets trapped in penis. If it is not treated properly, then it may create permanent ED.


Sometimes the side effects may lead to vision loss also. If you have vision loss after taking Kamagra oral jelly, then immediately stop it. In certain type of vision loss, the blood gets sticked in the optic nerve.


How to store the medication


Use the original container to store this medication and also keep it out of reach of the children. After using these, crush the strip and place it in the dustbin.


These are all about the ways of treating erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is one of the common problem that the people face. But with proper medication and other lifestyle changes, ED is absolutely curable.


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