The History of the Vlone Clothing Brand

The History of the Vlone Clothing Brand

It has been more than 13 years since the unusual A$ AP MOB collective was released. The collective, which included rappers, producers, video clip directors and fashion designers, made every effort to present the album called Long.Live to the world. A$AP and stay forever in the home of every rap and street wear lover.

The aforementioned album belongs to one of the most popular MOB members, that is, A$AP Rocky. It’s great that Rocky, Ferg and A$AP Ty albums have appeared on the music market with the Vlone Clothing. But, as you can see, this band from the very beginning was focused not only on the music industry.

Vlone Logo:

The brand’s logo is made in a mysterious printing house, they make a heavy impression. This bold approach with the visual design of the clothing line is partly inspired by Space Ghost Purr, an American rapper and producer. Purp was attracted to the aura of Three 6 Mafia and Tommy Wright III. The gloomy atmosphere they radiate has become the uniform that ASAP Mob wanted to become famous for. The idea of the message and the slogan “Every living creativity dies alone” was borrowed by VLONE from the 2001 film Donnie Dark. Where there is a scene in the film in which Donny talks to a lady about what someone once told him about life, the message “Every living thing dies alone” is the actual line said in the film.

Who is A$AP Bari

But our text today is not about Rocky, although he is also involved in the VLONE clothing brand project. However, to understand the whole history of this brand well, you need to go back to 2011. It was then that Camoni Chandler, also known as A$AP K, founded this streetwear brand. Chandler used to have experience working with all Rocky’s products, and it was he who introduced this charismatic rapper to A$AP Bari (real name Jabari Shelton). However, when he refused to manage VLONE, and Bari, who was at the very beginning of this project, took his place. In addition to Rocky and A$AP Bari, the name of Edison Chen, the head of the CLOT brand, appears here. However, the positions of the three mentioned above are not strictly defined. They are not suitable for any structures, and, as Bari himself stressed in many interviews, none of them has a specific, official task. Everyone does what he is supposed to do, and knows best what belongs to him. The first mention of the company itself appeared about four years ago. It was then that Bari went to Hong Kong, where he had the opportunity to talk with the CLOT team. Many topics were raised. They asked opinions about various fashion events, such as Paris Fashion Week, about the main sources of inspiration, and, above all, the conversation concerned his brand. Looking at the history of VLONE, from the moment she “introduced herself” to the world, the brand won the hearts of many fans around the world. A show at Paris Fashion Week, a collaboration with OFF-WHITE, and then a collaboration with Wes Lang, the guest responsible for Kanye West’s most important merch. Although the brand was founded in 2011 and Bari accompanied A$AP K in the creation process, it took three years to create the first products. As the creator himself admits, he was not ready to start production right away. It took him a while to cover everything around, for example, to find a specific sewing room. In addition, the very idea of what a VLONE should be and for whom is being formed, and, above all, we are talking about collecting the appropriate funds to start production. In 2016, a look book of the spring-summer collection appeared on the web, where there were the most spectacular hoodies and various types of denim. Moreover, the scenery of the promotional material reminds us of A$AP Ferg’s clip for a song called Line up the Flex featuring Tori Lanez as a guest. From the very beginning, Bari based its vision on POP-UP Stores. He did not consider VLONE as a stationary store. He believed that POP-UP was the best business model that could exist. This is a chance to sell your clothes at a good price at a very fast pace and to a limited circle of people. Therefore, he decided to open such an institution in Los Angeles pretty quickly. In any case, he had previously chosen this landscape for his spring-summer 2016 look book. In addition to the usual VLONE collection, visitors could also purchase several OFF-WHITE partnership products. It was a real celebration for all fans of street wear. Needless to say, the reseller rubbed her hands at the very thought of this event.

Partnership with Nike

Before the Fashion Week, A$AP Bari first prepared a sweatshirt and a T—shirt in black, and most importantly – announced a collaboration with the American company Nike and its branch LAB. He also prepared the first version of the already iconic Nike Air Force 1 Low model and, admittedly, the result became sensational.  Jabari chose a black base, a leather upper, which was complemented with orange fragments, such as a checkmark placed on the sides, and the signature AIR. In addition, there is a large V-neck on the back of the aforementioned pairs.  VLONE & Nike Air Force 1 Low In addition, Bari has not forgotten his favorite business model – POP—UP. He took a really big step with her, opening another institution in Miami, where, first of all, he presented a teaser for cooperation with Nike, and especially for this occasion VLONE joined forces with No Vacancy Inn, creating a small collection of clothes. He closed 2016 with another collaboration with OFF-WHITE, uploading an interesting lookbook of Akhil Sesh to the network. The artist John Margaritis was responsible for the creative part.  POP-UP shop in Miami All 12 months were very fruitful for Bari, but the beginning of 2016 did not seem to go in his favor, since in January an incident occurred at a party organized by Colette in Paris. British rapper Theophilus London met Ian Connor, a stylist and fashion adviser to people like West, Rocky and Khalifa.  Theophilus turned to Connor, reminding him of the rape allegations. There was a serious fight in which Rocky and his bodyguard wanted to separate the two men. Suddenly, Bari joined the commotion, who decisively added fuel to the fire by hitting Ian in the face. It can be said that this was the beginning of the disputes that would accompany Bari in the later stages of his life and work.  The beginning of 2017 was primarily heating up the heat regarding cooperation with NikeLab. In this case, Shelton opted for another POP-UP store, in front of which crowds of people gathered. Harlem, the area where Bari grew up, was chosen as the venue for the event. To promote the VLONE x NikeLab collaboration, in addition to POP-UP in the United States, Jabari decided to go to Hong Kong, where the words Every Living Creative Dies Alone were placed on the walls with the help of cans. In addition to the aforementioned shoes, it was possible to buy clothes from ordinary collections. As usual, the interest was very high. Just look at the queues shown in the photos below.  The pressure on the colors of Air Force One was so great that they were officially sold at one of the eBay auctions for $ 90,000.

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