The Invisible Disability And The Medical Bracelets

Disabilities usually fall into two categories, though there should be a third. These categories are visible disabilities and invisible disabilities for which medical ID bracelets can be lifesaving equipment.


An invisible disability is one that is not immediately obvious to the observer. Autism is a prime example, of vision or hearing impairment. The person looks healthy enough but still has difficulty functioning normally. There are so many types of invisible” disabilities! Mental illness is certainly a disability and has a major impact on people’s lives. That is a good reason to be kind and understanding of people. -We don’t know what they are struggling with.


There should also be a category for semi-visible disabilities – disabilities that are generally invisible but can have highly visible symptoms, such as epilepsy, anaphylactic allergies, Tourettes, and other things like that. People suffering from a semi-visible disability are also recommended to wear medical alert bracelets.


Some disabilities are kind of on a line – like deafness and blindness are technically invisible, but accommodating devices are visible at least some of the time.


You may not be aware that, say, your grocery clerk is hard of hearing unless you see them wearing a cochlear implant, and if they are not wearing one and not using sign language, then you might assume they have the same hearing capacity that you do.



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