The Legal Acceptance of fantasy gaming in India

The journey of fantasy cricket hasn’t been as smooth as it looks like right now. Of course, in every start up, the organization faces multiple challenges and setbacks but what the fantasy gaming industry faced was not only hard but it looked like that the industry will be banned before it starts its operation.

Back in 2008, when fantasy cricket was made available in India, people thought that it had something to do with gambling or fixing. The government stepped up as it involved money and it was stopped for a period of time in India. The Supreme Court of India was involved in this and after a lot of this and that, fantasy cricket was given the permission to run freely in India. It would not have been possible if the best fantasy apps of the country would have given up on what they believe.

Even after so much struggle, the organizations couldn’t convince users to play fantasy cricket online. Millions of them were still not sure whether it has something to do with fixing or not. Also, since money was involved, a lot of them hesitated to play this fantasy game. Fantasy education, even if it sounds weird, was very important at that time. Telling people what the game is and how to play it and how they can make loads of money out of it was crucial in order to bring users to the game.

All the top fantasy apps of the country deserve a lot of credit for educating their users regarding the same and how the game is completely legal in India. Since the boom of the telecommunication industry in India, their journey became a little easier as they could market their product in a much better way. The introduction of Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and other Indian Cricket superstars into fantasy cricket has also helped the industry grow. The best part about the entire process is how beautifully they advertised their product which brought millions of users to come and play fantasy cricket.

Thus, with the help of all the best fantasy cricket apps of the country, a new gaming industry was born in the country and now more than 50 million users regularly play this game. It is meant to grow and reach billions of people in the next decade and the industry is all set to be the biggest online gaming industry in the world.

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