The Need for Fluorescent Light Fixtures

The demand for fluorescent lighting is everywhere. These types of light fixtures are needed widely for many different purposes and used in many different places. You’ve probably seen or been exposed to fluorescent lighting more than you think. It’s a highly versatile fixture that is used commercially and industry-wide. These types of fixtures are praised for their affordability, sustainability, and accessibility.

This type of lighting fixture is used to illuminate classrooms, doctors’ offices, warehouses, and even your local grocery store. They are very useful in lighting up big rooms and spaces. You may have heard or experienced how fluorescent lights tend to wash you out or hurt your eyes, but fluorescent light fixtures are more beneficial than you may realize.

There are actually many different types of fluorescent lights to choose from such as fluorescent bent tubes, fluorescent linear tubes, compact fluorescent lamps, and fluorescent circline tubes. Each serves a different purpose and are used in different ways. The most common type of fluorescent lighting is linear tubes.

How They Work

The way that fluorescent tubes and lighting is actually pretty fascinating. Due to certain chemical reactions of mercury vapor and gases, these light fixtures let out an invisible UV light which then brightens a special phosphorus coating around the linear tubes. This in the end gives off the fluorescent “white” light that you are familiar with. Pretty cool, right?

In essence, this phosphorus powder coating on the linear tubes presents the glow which allows these light fixtures to light up a room. An important thing to remember when considering to use fluorescent lighting is that it’s made with mercury. These lights need to be recycled once they are no longer in use to reduce adverse environmental effects. There are many recycling services out there that can help you properly dispose of the burned-out fluorescent lights.

Why Fluorescent Lights are the Better Choice

Fluorescent light fixtures may be the better option for your office space or warehouse due to a few impressive factors.

1. They are cost-effective
When compared to other similar lighting systems, fluorescent lights offer more bang for your bucks. These lighting fixtures are durable and are able to last for many years. You may see a noticeable drop in your electricity bill, as well.

2. Eco-friendliness
Due to the certain chemical reactions made by fluorescent lighting, they save on energy use, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

3. Cost-Effectiveness 
Because fluorescent lighting is able to last for many years, you won’t have to spend a ton of money constantly replacing your light fixtures. It’s important to note that by properly disposing of fluorescent lights, you may have to pay for recycling services. In the end, the pros do weigh out the cons.

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