The quiz that can’t seem to tell the difference between men and women

Are you male or female? You might want to take that question with a grain of salt after you read this article, which discusses the case of an online quiz that has been accused of not really knowing what it’s talking about when it comes to men and women. The article then goes on to discuss some of the deeper issues behind the quiz and what it means for the two genders overall in today’s society.


Quiz: What’s your personality?

A common misconception is that men are more formal, while women are more personal. However, it’s not as simple as these stereotypes. Research shows men and women actually have many of these traits in common; they’re just distributed differently among each gender. We believe understanding your personality type will help you discover where you fall on our spectrum—and how much (or little) overlap there is with other genders.


Quiz: Which emoji are you?

Find out which emoji best represents your personality by taking our fun little quiz! Emojis aren’t just for texting; in fact, they’re more of a language all their own, according to experts. That’s why one company has created an online test for people who want to figure out which emoji they are — because apparently knowing what kind of cloud you are is super important.


Quiz: How do you flirt?

You like things fast, so you don’t wait around for anyone! You see a cute guy in a bar, you walk right up to him and say hi. He might look surprised but it works – if he isn’t interested, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Another thing men find hot: when you aren’t afraid to be yourself. Don’t change your style or personality for someone else – he should want what he sees.


Quiz: Can you identify these famous men?

If you aren’t sure whether these men are really male, don’t worry—no one else is, either. How do we know? We made a quiz on BuzzFeed called Men Type Quiz Made For Women in which all of our original photos show images of celebrities posing like guys. It has over 4 million views! People have told us that they thought about their own friends and family members when taking it.


Quiz: What kind of boyfriend would he be?

All girls want a boyfriend who is charming, a little wild, hard-working, and loving. But guys don’t always know how they should act in their relationships. That’s why we created The Quiz: What Kind of Boyfriend Would He Be? Test your boyfriend with our True or False questions!


Quiz: Does she like me?

Some men struggle with knowing whether a woman likes them or not. Many times, there is an obvious sign from her that makes him question if he should make a move on her. Sometimes, she will drop hints about wanting you. Other times, it is confusing because she doesn’t seem interested but isn’t giving any signals of rejecting you either. Use these five tricks to know whether or not she’s interested in you so you don’t waste time chasing after her in vain!


Credit where credit is due

It’s called men are from Mars, women are from Venus for a reason: The way men and women view sex is wildly different. Men have more testosterone and less oxytocin than their female counterparts, resulting in differences in how we approach lovemaking—and romance as a whole. One prime example: Men prefer casual sex while their partners fantasize about long-term commitment.

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