The Symbolism of Axe in Modern and Ancient Era | Battling Blades

Axe defines culture and ancient traditions that are long gone now. It is noted to be the oldest tools used by humans and is still on the go. It denotes various meanings and symbolizes some powerful traits a human should have in their lifetime. Being courageous, bold, powerful, victorious and modern is what the presence of axe denotes.

Uses of axe in modern times

Sharp weapons were earlier used for different purposes and are still used in more than one area. Currently, the axe is used for slitting the wood into set level standard. From chopping the hard meat to wood work, everything is handled with the help of an axe. Different types of axes are used in different areas with different outcomes. Be it a tomahawk axe or tactical and grub axe, sharpness and durability of the tool stays impressive.

Symbolism of axe

  • Axe as a symbol of power: Earlier, axe was connected with power as the major symbol. Using axe created sparks which the people considered to be a powerful symbol to connect with. They started calling axes as thunder stones and connected it to be a sign of power and creation.
  • Axe as a symbol of creation: The axes were somewhere connected with thunder in ancient times; it then naturally got related to rain. The axes were then known as a symbol of creation with the fact that rain is considered to be an important giver of life.

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