The Truth behind Face Yoga: How It Works for Firmer, Toned Skin

Face yoga is an excellent exercise. It’s free, and t works well for your skin to make it better and glowing. Mostly the women who are above 30 years prefer face yoga exercise to tone up their aging skin.  Face Yoga routine will make your face radiant and wrinkle-free.

What is face yoga?

Face yoga is applying a quick, static exercise (like the moves you can do with a towel when you’re on the beach) to your face and neck. It’s no more than a game of stretching, gentle pulling, and pressing to contour and sculpt the face and neck, as demonstrated by Robert Baldwin, owner of The Active Face Transform, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. “It’s a great way to work the whole face,” says Baldwin. “When people go to yoga, or to an exercise class, they might stand in front of the mirror to stretch their arms or legs. Face Yoga Routine might do some little stretches and aerobics or mini strength training exercises.  

There are four specific facial yoga poses, plus several variations you can perform on each. If you’re a yoga devotee, you can probably recall a few different, easy poses. If not, here they are:

Crown Pose: Touch your thumb to your nose and pull your chin away from your forehead. Keep your tongue tucked between your lips.

Trinity Pose: Now bend forward at the waist and stretch out your arms. Put them on the floor at a 90-degree angle. Now pull your ears toward your shoulders.

Advertisement Cheek Yoga: Put your palms together in the center of your chest. Now slowly bring your arms up and down while stretching the inner sides of your cheeks.

Forward Roll Pose: Bring your arms together in the center of your chest and place the palms on your shoulders.

The science behind face yoga

Face yoga is perhaps the most exciting, disruptive, and incredible exercise trend I have seen. Face yoga does not involve a special gimmick or special equipment. It is simply one-on-one instruction from a trained instructor. What face yoga does have is a science to support its effectiveness. What exactly does a facial exercise entail? Face yoga can be done in several different styles, all of which have become popular in the last decade.

How to do face yoga?

Take three deep breaths. Inhale toward the hairline (or the point in between the eyebrows where the skin is fatter and more elastic), then exhale toward the chin or lips. You can hold the last inhale for a couple of seconds to release tension and give yourself a mini facial massage.

Next, and this might sound weird, place your hands or a towel over your mouth and inhale deeply, going through your nose. This should feel like inhaling a bath, and exhaling should feel like taking a deep breath. Hold this for a moment, then exhale and inhale again, this time with your mouth still closed. Since no one’s taking a photo of your face in this pose, this isn’t the time to fuss with makeup or even to pluck your brows—just close your eyes. Repeat this twice more.

Face yoga is an easy way to make your skin feel and look better. 

Here are the two tips:

  1. Work your fingers and thumbs like hands and feet: If you’re like most people, your fingers and your toes are your most massaged body parts. Put your fingertips on your skin and hold them there, like you’re reaching for something far away, or you’re taking aspirin. Do this for at least 10 minutes a day.
  2. Sweat is really good for your skin. Work your glutes. People usually think of working their glutes as exercise, but the glute-ham raise and glute-ham squat work your whole glute and give you a huge mental boost. Just before you sit down, roll your butt in a very slow circle three to five times, as you would a hand roller. Use a really light hand roller to make it easy.

3 Easy Ways To Perform Face Yoga

Here are three simple ways to bring your face muscles into a Yoga pose, ensuring a younger, fresher-looking appearance. Plus, it’s pretty darn easy. The first move is your downward-facing dog, aka your horse face. Instead of breathing into the position, as usual, extend your arms straight out at your sides. And open your eyes. You’re going to inhale deeply as you bend your knees. Hold the position for as long as you can, then reach your arms back out, so your body is parallel to the floor. Try to straighten your spine. Hold the position, this time, for as long as you can, and then open your arms out, so your body is parallel to the floor.

Repeat three to four times, then switch sides. This exercise will strengthen your neck and chest, lifting them up and bringing your face up.

Lifting the Jawline

Waving your head side to side will lengthen your jaw, which makes the jawline appear tighter. If you look at your face from the side, the jawline should gently slope upwards. Begin by curling up one of your wrists, and then lift your chin. Pause, then lower your chin, slowly and steadily. Do 20 of these before you begin to turn your attention to the other side.

Twisting the Smile By twisting your mouth around while smiling, your lips will stay lifted, as well as your upper and lower lips. This will give you a wider smile and make you look younger. Grab your bottom lip, pinch the corners, and slowly turn the lips up in the same direction as your chin. Do 10 of these. Sitting in a Hand-Held Pull-Down Chair Try to keep your chin lifted throughout your entire face exercise.

Wrinkle Prevention

We know there’s no foolproof way to keep wrinkles at bay. But they can be prevented through regular facial yoga exercises. Many experts believe that regular exercise enhances blood flow to the face, which can help prevent excess fluid production while also raising the skin’s surface temperature. This is what helps reduce wrinkles.

Gentle Bones Yoga 

Whether it’s gentle side bends or an eye stretching exercise, your facial yoga routine should include at least one session that incorporates stretching the sides of your face. If you’re a fan of stretching, side bending helps open up your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead. It also tones your face muscles in the same way yoga on the mat does.

Chin Lift

If you know you have a sunken chin, you’ll know that the easiest way to keep it from getting flattered is to massage your jawline while you’re lying on your back. Lie on your back, facing up, and gently stroke the skin in front of your jaw. Suppose you want to make it a bit tougher, lean forward so that your chin drops to your chest.

If your chin is still sagging, gently apply pressure with the heels of your hands (or maybe a rolled-up credit card). Work your way to the other side of your face, and repeat on the other side. Lower Neck Sculpt After you shave and comb your hair, you’ll notice that your neck tends to sag when you turn your head to the side. In order to reverse that effect, you need to work your jaw muscles.

Final words

The face yoga technique tested involved a new type of exercise called Tai Chi for the Skin, which promises to help you retain youthful skin by strengthening your facial muscles. The other treatment was a combination of physical therapy and face cream that targets aging skin. 

At the beginning of the study, researchers measured the expression of genes that play a role in skin elasticity. By the end of the eight weeks, women in the face yoga group showed a more robust expression of genes related to elasticity than the group using the physical therapy or combination cream. I hope this article will help you to understand why the face yoga routine is helpful.


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