The Two Sides of Technology for Business

In today’s times, it is unimaginable to think of a business without technology. Laptops and desktops have become an indispensable part of any business.

It has many advantages from maintaining basic business records to implementing business strategies. Technology helps in speeding up a business process and also making the employees more efficient in their work.

Along with many advantages, technology also has some serious negative impacts on the environment, people and business.

Due to the increasing technology, inter personal communication has reached to a very low level and also creating a false sense of knowledge among employees.

Brings People Together, and Tears Them Apart

Technology usually is advantageous, but it is also considered as a double-edged sword as it has disadvantages too. These days, it has become very easy to communicate within teams as there are many team chat sites such as Stride and Slack.

It saves time and makes employees efficient by making their communication faster and easier. It brings people together yet gives their space to work efficiently.

Technology facilitates instant responses at the time of emergency and caters to urgent issues in the required time frame. Basic technology such as emails and text messages are one of the finest examples of importance of technology in everybody’s lives.

Like mentioned earlier, they bring people together, also is one of the biggest factors in creating distance between people. Recently, social media platforms have gained popularity which has created a whole new virtual world amidst reality.

These platforms have barred people from interacting face-to-face. Gradually, the negative impacts are gaining the limelight.

Similarly, in a business setup, a computerized process is no way a substitute for face-to-face interaction to select an employee for your organization.

Organizes Information, But Needs Familiarity

Computers are the biggest invention of mankind and they are far more efficient and less time taking than humans in carrying out any task.

In terms of maintaining records, computers are the best resource. It is much profitable for a business and performs various activities to make a business sustain.

It maintains profit and loss accounts, employee database, business strategies, raw material data and many other things. Human beings take more time and also require many other resources to process the same whereas it takes seconds for the computers to do so.

One of the biggest factors is computers only process the information fed by somebody into the system unlike human mind. It lacks firsthand knowledge and is driven by humans themselves. They can be easily manipulated and mishandled.

The data can be tampered with and changed accordingly. Any person entering the business data must be very familiar with the company’s nuances in order to get the right information and results.

Saves Money, and Costs Money

Technology is a time and money saver. The physical time required by humans to compile and collate all the data is saved by entering the details into the computer and processing it.

Saving time also includes processing information in a speedy process and simultaneously giving solutions to any kind of problems and discrepancies. 

Having said that, the maintenance and up gradation of technology can be a costly affair. If weighed, the time and efforts saved due to the technology weighs less than the money required to maintain technology. 

Enhances Customer Data, But Raises Privacy Concerns

The quick and easy access to technology and data has raised privacy concerns in the organization. Although, there are many softwares and ways to protect the important data and information but if it is somehow accessed, it can cause a lot of damage.

The technology has helped many businesses in forming their marketing and promotion strategies. Large number of data is collected with the help of technology and then processed to identify the needs and wants of various customers belonging to different strata of society.

 Many consumers and authorities raise a question on the privacy and confidentiality of this way of maintaining records. It can lead to legal issues if not handled properly. 

Along with studying various customer needs, technology also helps a business to monitor their employees and their efficiency. Being a positive factor for the management, it can lead to hostile environment within the organization. 

Having an eye over your employees 24/7 may decrease their efficiency rather than increasing it. Also, advancement is happening in every field, such as in digging information or the hacking processes.

If the business falls prey to any mischievous activity, it can make the important business information come at stake.

Speeds Things Up, But Destroys Jobs

It is understood and clear that human speed is far way lesser than the computers from process information to maintaining records. Carrying out any process manually takes a lot more time than carrying it with a computer.

Technology boosts productivity and makes processes quick and easy.  Technology has reached in every field but replacing it with humans has its own repercussions.

For example, if a baker has speed up his process of baking a cake with the mixers, but the monitoring part has to be done by the baker himself as the mixer cannot make adjustments with the ingredients quantities and amounts.

In large companies, big machines have replaced many employees and made them unemployed. Similarly, getting to lower level, it still has put many people out of their jobs which is a social issue and creates problems at social level.

Due to the increasing use of technology, many people are starting a business with no money and bad credit.

But technology, if has positive effects, it also comes with equal negative effects that should be understood thoroughly to survive in the business world. 

One way to maintain a balance is to implement the technology in sync with retraining programs to place the employees for the required work.

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