The Type of Hot Tub Oxidizer You Need

Hot tubs are the one luxury product that you can add to your home that provides immense relaxation and family fun. Getting the addition of a hot tub can be an exciting thing to happen for you and your whole family and can be the start of many good memories.

When deciding whether or not a hot tub is the best option for you, please be aware of the occasionally tedious process of properly sanitizing your hot tub, oxidizing your hot tub, and shocking your hot tub. There are even other processes in between such as checking for the pH level and for calcium hardness. But first, let’s break it down by each chemical needed to maintain your hot tub.

Hot Tub Oxidizers

What even is this chemical and what purpose does it serve?

A good oxidizing agent removes organic matter and breaks down oil in the hot tub water. Using an oxidizer allows for the other chemicals in the water to function properly. Without an oxidizer, the bromine and chlorine won’t work as effectively as they should, increasing the risk of your hot tub water from harboring any organic contaminants.

Is this chemical the same as a shock?

In the hot tub world, the words “oxidizer” and “shock” are thrown around interchangeably. It is a quite confusing topic because some hot tubs shocks do not contain oxidizer and some oxidizers do not contain any sort of chemicals that will shock the hot tub water. There are also chlorine and non-chlorine options. In essence, they’re kind of the same thing.

A lot of this confusion is cleared up through proper research and finding the type of chemicals that will work for you and your hot tub. Sometimes the words “shock oxidizers” appear on bottles of chemicals. Just make sure to do your proper research to know which chemicals you can use for your hot tub.

It’s important to note though, that a good shock to your hot tub water is going to give it an ultra boost of sanitation. A chlorine shock is the most effective way to make sure your hot tub water is clean and ready for continued use. You should be shocking your hot tub water a recommended one time a week to keep everything up and running and clean.

Different Types of Hot Tub Oxidizers

The main difference between the two types of oxidizers is whether they contain chlorine or not. Neither type of oxidizers are ideal for any one type of hot tub, it just depends on what type of hot tub experience you want to have.

● Chlorine Shock
A chlorine shock is composed of a high concentration of chlorine granules. Its main purpose is for killing any bacteria after prolonged use of your hot tub. It’s recommended to do this process sparingly, as it is not the best chemical for your plumbing. It may also take a longer time to get your hot tub water down to normal levels.

● Non-chlorine Shock
This type of oxidizer helps prevent organic waste to build up and prevent cloudy water. Because it is not as harsh as a chlorine shock, it is allowed to be used once or twice a week. An important thing to consider if using non-chlorine shock, is that it will not get rid of the bacteria like chlorine would.

Where to Get the Right Hot Tub Oxidizer

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