The Ultimate Guide For The Teens Before Using CBD Dab Wax

Using marijuana is quite common in the whole world, especially in the United States. It is one of those abusive drugs, which teenagers love.

Even those who do not use alcohol and tobacco, use it. Therefore, the experts confirm that marijuana is the most popular drug in the United States.

We can get the confirmation of it while visiting market where we can find numerous CBD packaging boxes of numerous CBD products manufactures on store shelves.

To understand our concern deeply, you need to go through the following details that the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reported after calculating all the records, collected from all the states of the United States:

  • The figures confirm that 1% of the secondary school students from 8th-grade smoke marijuana daily. More than 13% of these students confirm that they have used it once. 10% of them confirm that they have been involved in it for one year, while 5% say that they have used it for one month.
  • While talking about 10th-grade students, the figures confirm that 3% of them use marijuana daily. 31% of them confirm that they have experience of using it at least in their lifetime. Another shocking fact is that 31% of these students have been using marijuana for a year. Another important aspect is that 16% of 10th graders have used it in the last month.
  • It is the time to discuss the 12th-grade students. The statistics say that 6% of them use marijuana daily. 45% have confirmed that they have used it once in their lifetime. 37% of them were introduced to it last year, and 23% in the last month. 

These figures are alarming for the authorities and parents in the United States.

More importantly, we expect teens that they are better learners. However, these figures say that there is some deficiency in our educational, social, and economical systems.

More importantly, we must accept that our teenagers are not unaware of marijuana.

It also means that around 40% of our youngsters in the late teens have used it at least once in their lifetime. 

How To Identify Dab Wax?

The above numbers confirm that our teenagers have been addicted to marijuana because they can get it easily.

Here, we want to mention that marijuana is available in different types. For example, using marijuana in the form of leaf or bud, you can get 14% of THC, which takes you high.

However, using concentrated marijuana has 54% of THC. The most crucial thing in this regard is that some of these concentrated liquids contain 99% of THC.

People in the United States call it with different names like wax, honey oil, bidder, amber, earwax, honey, shatter, and black glass.

Everything about BHO is dangerous for our youth. More importantly, we can find wax boxes in the markets as well.

Although you may find CBD dab wax boxes more than other wax boxes, you can also find other dabbing boxes as well in the market.

Marijuana products are also available in the edible format that teenagers can get more easily. 

Health And Psychological Risks While Using Wax

The trend of using the above-described words in the students’ circles is quite common.

They get the opportunity to use dabbing in the social circles, get-to-gathers, and private places like garages.

When you use wax, it affects your total body. You feel that all your body is smoking.

In some cases, wax can become the reason for psychotic and hallucination episodes that means severity is at its peak.

Other emergency risks can be severe agitation, hypertension, cardio-toxicity, tachycardia, potential brain damage, hyperthermia, etc.

While talking about psychological problems, teenagers can be risky in behaviors, totally dependent physically, dull in the classrooms and at home, and many other issues that can spoil their overall performance in curricular and extracurricular activities. 

The Bottom Line

Wax is very popular among teenagers and youngsters. Therefore, it is important to tell them about the health issues.

These issues can damage not only their performance but also create health problems.

Some of the health and psychological issues have been described in this post. However, many other risks are involved in using these dab waxes.

Therefore, it is necessary to inform our youngsters to keep them away from these waxes.

If some of them want to use it, they must go for CBD dab wax, which is not harmful to them.

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