The Ultimate Guide To Set Up Cheap Business Phone Line

Your mobile probably already helps you run your business. Today, most company owners use both an office phone and a cell phone to keep in contact with clients and co-workers. They normally buy a different mobile phone because they don’t want to combine personal and business phone lines or give out their personal phone number. However, there is now another solution which is a lot less cumbersome than carrying two different phones everywhere with you.


Using the mobile phone app for VoIP platform allows you to essentially run your business phone line as a separate application on your phone. This means you have one mobile phone but two numbers. As the business phone is contained within the app it means the personal data on your phone is kept separate from your business communications.

Benefits Of Using An App For A Business Phone Line

From the perspective of the person calling you, be it a customer or a co-worker, the experience is unchanged. As far as they are concerned, they have called your business phone number. They do not know whether you are answering on a separate mobile, on the app or on a desk phone. This is a convenient and cost-effective way to have a separate business number on you at all times.
You can silence or log out of the app when you do not want to be contactable, this helps you keep your work and home life separate during those times you really don’t want to be disturbed.

Multiple Team Members, One Number

As the app can be installed on multiple devices there are two innovative ways you can now use your business phone line.

1 – You can have your desk phone and your mobile ring at the same time. Pick up on whichever one you are closest to and never miss that important sales call again.
2 – Multiple team members can have the same instance of the business line installed on their mobiles. When someone calls, all team members devices will ring simultaneously and then stop ringing when one of them picks up.

Toll Free Numbers On A Mobile

In the UK, every mobile number starts with 07… this means it is obvious if you are calling a mobile number. This can make a business seem less professional if it is handing out mobile phone numbers to clients, it can appear like you are a one-man band, even if you have a team of a hundred.
By using a landline or toll-free number via a mobile app allows you to have the professional presentation of a “proper” business phone line while still having the convenience of being able to answer calls while on the go.

Lower Cost Calls

If you regularly make international calls for business and are using a normal mobile phone contract to do so you are most likely overpaying for these calls. By installing a VoIP app on your phone you can benefit from the lower cost per minute of VoIP calls while keeping the same level of convenience. 

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