These Are Really Great Representatives of Cold Steel Knife Company

Every knife company has some type of slogan that sounds something like “Anytime, Anywhere,” but few of them actually produce products that can make that grade. Cold Steel Knife Company, by contrast produces not only extremely popular lines of folding knives and fixed blades, but other tactical tools and camp tools like axes and machetes that have cemented their place of influence in the knife industry.

Admittedly, Cold Steel knives and tools are not often the prettiest of the bunch, and some of them are downright plain. The thing about them is this – they might not be winning any pageants, but they also don’t aim to. What they aim to do is to provide a rugged, reliable tool that will never flag. At the very least, you’ll flag before they do. When you turn to the creations of Cold Steel, you could just as easily be looking at a folding knife with a high carbon steel blade as you are to be looking at throwing knives designed for martial arts.

Add in the fact that comparable knives cost many times as much as some of their simpler, but still popular, models. Examples like the Cold Steel Roach Belly and the Finn Hawk come to mind. Knives like these are made from simple, nearly budget steels and cheap, polypropylene handles. Still, ask anyone who has ever held one or used it and you’ll get nothing but glowing accolades across the board.

Knives that have a similar sense of quality to those mentioned above are some of the shining stars of Cold Steel Knife Company. Cold Steel produces better knives and tools, but for the price, it’s just hard to beat two of the following highlights.

If you’re looking for a real steal in tough, dependable knife that is just custom made for hunting, try out the Cold Steel Canading Belt Knife. This knife, modeled after the contours of a much more expensive Grohmann model, has ergonomics that are built just for hunters and have not been topped ever since their inception.

This knife, with its odd shape, has a comfortable yet boxy handle that can be easily manipulated and adjusted, aggressive jimping on the spine, and plenty of belly and spine – it looks like a fragile knife, but this thing is tough as nails. It’s not designed for batoning and wood work. It’s designed to break down game, and it’s simply excellent for it.

It skins, capes, bones and guts easily. Whether you need to clean, skin and quarter a deer or simply gut or breast a bird, there’s not much more you could want than this knife already brings. You can – and many outdoorsmen have – even filet or pan dress a fish with one of these.

It’s highly specialized, though, and if you want a knife of similar toughness that is more generalized in features, try out the Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter. This knife, with a few inches of razor sharp edge and a sturdy drop point, is just as good as processing meat as it is as splitting and carving feather sticks. One might even call it the ultimate mid-size knife.

It’s handle also is remarkable for comfort and quality, rounded for a comfortable grip, with a swell near the pommel to prevent sliding and scalloping near the shoulder of the blade to afford even more dexterity.

Both of these knives come with polypropylene handles and sheaths, which are cheap but nearly indestructible. They’re also forged from 4116 stainless steel, which is a cheap, budget steel – but extremely tough, hard enough to keep a razor’s edge, and immensely corrosion resistant.

Most importantly, you can get either of these knives online for less than 20 dollars at White Mountain Knives. If you want that kind of indestructible quality elsewhere, you’re going to be shelling out five times as much or more. Use them or abuse them and they’ll keep coming back for more, but first you need to get yourself one – visit for that today.

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