These Are the Best Reasons to Upgrade to LED Fog Light Bulbs

Whether you own a car or truck, you’re going to run into adverse conditions or inclement weather on the road from time to time. Every once in a while, you’re going to catch yourself out on the road in the rain, fog or snow.

Most vehicles come with stock halogen bulbs or incandescent bulbs, but the bad news is that halogen fog lights don’t offer some of the performance of LED fog light bulbs. If you’ve heard about some of the perks of LED bulbs, here are some of the best of them, and as it turns out, you can switch over time LED replacement bulbs more easily than you might think – provided you shop at Diode Dynamics.

1. Better lifespan

For one thing, LED lights, not just LED fog light bulbs, last a lot longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs, and that is no exaggeration whatsoever. A halogen and incandescent bulbs last a thousand hours at most, maybe two. LED lights, even the cheapest of them, are rated to last at least ten times longer.

2. Less pressing on the electrical system

LED lights are also less taxing on an electrical system, which means that, inside, you save money with them. In a car, it means you get more mileage from your battery.

3. Better light output and focus

Diode Dynamics’ LEDs are made with proprietary technology known as TIR Optics – without getting lost in the details, this optical focus directs all of the light output where you need it, without wasting any glare or scattering.

4. Better reliability

Diode Dynamics’ LED lights, including their fog lamps, are torture tested and guaranteed to remain operable within an extreme range of temperatures, from -40 F to 185 F.

5. Instant start up

Some vehicle lights require a little extra time to warm up before reaching their full brightness. That’s not the case with LEDs, and Diode Dynamics LEDs will start up and reach their full brightness almost immediately.

6. Better resistance to adverse conditions

Not only are DIode Dynamics’ LEDs quicker and easier to start up, requiring almost no time to reach their full brightness, but they are also resistant to a number of adverse environmental conditions. For example, they are resistant to moisture intrusion, corrosion and even vibration.

7. True yellow color

Many other producers of LED fog lamps take white light and then cover it with a yellow lens. The problem is, their LEDs don’t produce a pure white light – it is tainted by an output of blue. This makes the resulting color somewhat greenish. Diode Dynamics’ LEDs are produced with a yellow lens as well, but they start with a pure white color, so the end result is rich, yellow light!

8. They are easy – think plug and play!

If you have ever been discouraged from replacing your current lights with LEDs because you didn’t know how to do wiring or how otherwise to accommodate them, don’t let that stop you now. The fog lamps at Diode Dynamics are plug and play solutions, which means they require no modifications or extensive electrical knowledge.

You can guarantee all of these benefits for yourself as your vehicle, and all you really need to do is take a virtual shopping trip over to, where you’ll find multiple different options for LED fog light bulbs that can be used directly with your car or truck’s current electrical infrastructure.

Visit their website, listed above, where you can investigate options in LED light bulbs, including fog light bulbs, and learn more about them. Find the pair that works best for you, and if you have any questions, give them a call at 314-205-3033.

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