Things To Notice In An ACS RPL Sample

Seeing an ACS RPL sample is prudent before you prepare your own RPL ACS report for ACS assessment. It is because it lets you become familiar with the format and guidelines you need to follow.

Apart from that, you get a clear concept of how to prepare your report, which itself is a relief. There are so many things you see when you see a sample available online. However, there are two things that you should pay most of your attention to. These things are the guidelines and the RPL ACS report writing tips.

Seeing them and preparing your own report according to them will give you a guarantee of a successful ACS assessment. Let’s know these two things one by one.

RPL writing guidelines in an ACS RPL sample you need to follow: 

  1. Your RPL report must show your work experience that you gained by working in real situations. Writing false information here can lead to rejection.
  2. If you use someone else’s ideas, tables and examples, then mention them clearly. Not doing so goes against ACS guidelines.
  3. Keep your RPL report free from any traces of plagiarism. Never copy from an ACS RPL sample available on the Internet. If the assessment authority finds even a minor trace of plagiarism in your report while assessing it, you will be reported to the IBP department and could be banned. Therefore, use such samples only to know the reference and guidelines you need to follow.
  4. ACS utilized high-technology-powered tools like Turnitin software for the detection of duplicate content or plagiarism. So, write the report in your own words. Even if you write in your own words, we advise you to check for plagiarism many times. It is because you may have unintentional plagiarism.
  5. The job descriptions you mention must be in harmony with the occupational category you are applying for according to the ANZSCO code list.

Tips that are followed in an ACS RPL sample and help you write the report are below to show your work experience effectively:

Seeing an ACS skill assessment work experience sample will give you a clear idea of how to show the work experience effectively.

For that, you should know that ACS needs you to write two project reports for a complete RPL for ACS skill assessment. One of the two projects must have been taken on within the last 3 years of your visa application, and the other project must have been done within the last 5 years of your visa application. When preparing the RPL project report, keep the following things in mind:

  • The first thing you should do is to choose your project wisely. Choose the project allowing you to show your knowledge and skills as given in any of the ANZSCO codes that you are applying for.
  • Mention clearly the details about the project, the name of the project you have chosen, the affiliated company and the role that was given to you in each of the projects in your report.
  • Give a description of your assigned duties and responsibilities for each project. Show your idea was put into action in the design and development of each project, which will highlight your strengths.
  • Give an explanation of the methods that were applied in the System Analysis and Design of each project development. Clearly mention the name of programming languages that were utilized in the project showing your programming skills.
  • Include all the database management techniques that were implemented in the project to highlight your DBMS skills.
  • Don’t forget to include quality assurance and project management techniques that were adhered to in the project development to show your managerial skills. Give a clear explanation of the security mechanisms that were implemented in the project.
  • Give a description of your ICT managerial activities, showing the nature and the extent of your competencies and responsibilities.

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