Things you need to know about the job portal

What do you look for when you come across a job portal? The best job portals are not the most popular ones. You need to find your best fit, the one that suits your needs. Let us discuss the essential features a job portal should have.

Things that you need to know about a job portal:

  1. Is it free or paid?

Being a fresher, you would need a free job portal. Most of the experienced candidates go for unpaid outlets too. Most of the time, the quality does not depend on whether it is a paid portal or not. But, if you want to explore more, there are several paid job portals available. Shoot your shot and give your best.

  1. Is searching by keywords enabled?

Among the thousands of jobs listed, how would you find the one according to your requirements? The job portal should feature ‘searching by keywords’ enabled, for example, in a job portal called Joble. You can search by hashtags. This feature saves time and makes searching for jobs simpler.

  1. Does the website give you information/reviews of the companies? 

You can’t know every company. It would be best if you looked out for reviews. To get unbiased reviews, look for the portals that give you the proper information or reviews for the company you are applying to. Also, be sure that the portal checks the individuals’ authenticity so that there is no fraud chance.

  1. Is the portal easy to use?

You do not have enough time to spend on just applying for jobs. Often, the process is tiring. Your portal can make that easy for you. When you get to know the portal, the first question should be, “does the job portal enable easy registration?” No one likes a complicated process. Try out It is new to the field, with a very innovative concept. Also termed as the “Twitter for jobs in India,” it is a free messaging-driven job portal.

  1. Does it have a blog?

Whenever I come across a website or a job portal, I look for its blog first. Mostly, the best ones do have one. When you look for the portal features or how it works, you can probably check out the blog. Also, having a blog increases the portal’s visibility. There is a better chance of getting placed by good companies in that case.

  1. Does the portal show the current job openings?

How do you stay updated with the recent job openings? You can’t go around searching. Your job portal should show the current job openings daily. You should know what is new for you and keep applying until you get placed. Most outlets have this feature, but it is better to check before you settle with one.

  1. Can you install a mobile app or is the website mobile friendly?

A job portal should have a mobile app. You can not move around with a laptop to stay updated. Having a mobile app or mobile-friendly website ensures the convenience of job seekers. You can use the portal or check the updates anytime, anywhere.

  1. Is the customer service reliable?

The job portal can be familiar to you with all the features you want but still be confusing. You would need help during the process. Make sure that the portal has reliable customer service.

Your job portal should be like a companion to you during the job-seeking process. You need an innovative approach that values the consumers’ requirements. Look for the features before you choose your companion.

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