This fight is very very healing intensive

It’s not even close to the insane 52 minutes in the past, but let’s move to present time, and after the rigors of battle it was time to relive the dark twins once again to be carried by their insane DPS and unique comp the Chinese guild’s old-school was able to be way ahead of everyone else from this point because the guild that was just able to earn seven world champions at the previous level managed to beat everyone this time is remarkable and I’m not sure anyone really expected that speaking about their comp. very unique.

Think about it is that these guys were going to Shadow Priests in this particular raid, which allowed them to basically have infinite mana. And they only needed six healers during their raid. six healers in just a 25 minute RAID is crazy even when you’re familiar with the rate but doing it in the first race and still pulling it off is truly insane like a pair of twins.

This fight is very very healing intensive , and any error during this fight will eventually cause a wipe. certain that nobody moves out by the come flag. Everyone wipes a tank loses aggro at any time. So if your tank isn’t able to obtain Chateau Nova and the next phase you will lose your life and can wipe. However, for elite guilds it was no problem, of course and they all managed to one shoot this monster, after which were twins. It was the only time we saw some coal trash dumps.

As I’ve mentioned before that this particular raid contains very minimal trash and the majority of the area is congested, and if you can skipping it, you’ll be saving 30 to 45 minutes of trash clearing and that’s what progress did in this instance. The problem is that progress was unsuccessful when they first tried to complete this task and ended up wiping the floor and this is probably what resulted in their first loss of their world.

Of course , you’re not going to want to run this any other point than when you’re doing a speedrun like this as the trash in this instance dropped some amazing loot that included actual gear and weapons patterns and , of course, son modes. So really you don’t want to skip any of it generally, but the guilds were able to do it, of course.

Moving forward to the next day I’m sure you be aware of this boss as one of the most difficult bosses in past because, as the quote says the time span was 40 days. As you may have guessed this isn’t the whole story. massive context.

The reality that Maru was initially kept gated up to April 29 on US servers and until April 30, on EU servers, and that he passed away just four days after that at the hand of the European guild SK Gaming on May 5. Of course, Maru was undeniably very tough back in the day and this is largely due to the spill back he caused because specifically in phase two each one of those chain lightning effects that Tropius is able to spill and push back those who were hit by them. They occur each three seconds throughout the fight hitting one additional person per cast. that’s the primary issue that players had on Maru during the day. in the days following. Blizzard removed the spell’s push back feature and the current version of classic doesn’t have it although we have the printer’s value.

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