Timber Flooring Advantages

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Timber flooring is gaining a lot of popularity in its use. The right type of flooring can definitely help bring out the perfect vibe within a house. The color and feel of timber floors is ideal when a homeowner looks at it from an artistic point of view.

Timber flooring can be either hardwood or laminate flooring. Neither of these floors are cheap to install. But their elegance is class.

How is it Done ?

The floor sanding process begins with repeated bang. All nails in the tongue and groove boards are punched down to the surface of the wooden board. If the timber floor already has an existing coating, a more rough grade of sandpaper will be used to start with. After that, the punched holes are filled with a similar coloured floor filler. If any timber floor repairs and floor board replacement is required, it will be addressed at this moment.

The timber floors are thoroughly sanded with finer grades of sandpaper till they are smooth and ready for the coating. Once the sanding process is finished, the first coat of timber floor paint is applied and allowed to dry overnight. The floor is then finely sanded again with a very capable buffing machine. Next day, the floor coatings are applied. Generally, three layers of floor finish are applied to complete the floor polishing process. It takes about 3 to 4 days to complete the official Timber  Floor sanding and polishing process.

Let’s Look at The Advantages Of Polishing And Sanding –

1. No More Allergies

Honestly, the benefits of sanding and polishing don’t just stop at improved looks and cleaning compatibility. In contrast, they are also much better for the health of allergy sufferers. Carpets can deposit dust and other fungi that can trigger asthma and a lot of other diseases. Although the hardwood floor is expensive however, it seems like a good bargain if we don’t have to deal with any allergies whatsoever.

2. Can Be Customised

Another clear benefit of wooden flooring is the fact that it can be customised to any design, colour or style. Perhaps, you want the colour of your floor to match the bedroom furniture you own, or maybe you want a colour that will glosson up the room. Once you’ve successfully sanded your floorboards, there are a number of aspiring colours you can choose from when it comes to sheer staining and given the beautiful natural grains always found in many types of wood, you’re sure to be blown away by the results. You can choose from pre-made colors or sometimes even mix your own to create a truly customized and original design that you can call your own.

3. Timber flooring is very durable and reliable.

Compared to other types of flooring, timber lasts way longer. It can, therefore, serve as a benchmark for future luxury. This can be smoothly achieved when the floor is properly maintained.

Restoring the condition of timber flooring is very feasible. When the floor has scratches, one can always sand it to remove the scratches. This makes the floor as good as new.

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