Tips for Making a Modern Curriculum Vitae

There are two options for making a successful modern curriculum vitae. You can start from a CV template that has already been laid out, and customize it according to your needs. There are a lot of offers online. You can also use your word processing software, and show that you know how to get by with office tools. Here you can find some tips to consider if you want to make a modern curriculum vitae.

Which Website or Software to Make a Modern CV?

The quickest and easiest solution is to use a cv creator website. It obviously allows online CV creation and is a perfect example. They are varied and all attractive. In most cases, today’s job seekers design their resumes online. Also, prepare your information and writing your CV well in advance. In general, the models are customizable and you will easily find many modern CV templates on the Internet. We recommend that you change a few details so that your CV is not annoyingly identical to another.

There are also free resume makers that you can download to your computer. This kind of software advantage is that you do not have to divulge your personal information online, and that you can easily edit your CV offline, whether it is to make a correction or an update.

How to Make a Modern CV with a Word Processing Software?

To succeed the layout of your CV with Microsoft Word or Open Office, you need to know some features of your word processing software. Not rocket science, especially as there are several tutorials available online to walk you through the different steps of creating a CV.

Here are some ideas for designing your CV model:

  • Use the tables to create your headings. With different columns, it is easier to format your information and avoid blank spaces on the page. You can then remove the black outlines and get nice, well-ordered text blocks.
  • To create a presentation header, the “insert a text zone” function is ideal. Choose a model at first glance, depending on whether you want to position the block horizontally or vertically. You can then customize the colour of the shading, the inserted text and the size of the zone.
  • Bulleted lists are useful for listing the tasks you have performed or your skills and can be personalized from existing symbols in the software or with any image or pictogram you have downloaded.
  • Use frames and lines if you want to add a graphic touch or a little colour to enhance the presentation of your curriculum vitae.

Think about using some Colours in your CV

There are many possibilities to create a modern curriculum vitae that sets you apart. To stand out from other applicants, include some colours on your resume. You should know how to use the best colour combination for your CV. By doing this, you will add a touch of modernity, but you should avoid bright colours which is not really professional. And do not use crazy fonts. The aim is to reflect your personality so you must be careful. It is highly recommended to use a CV creator online to grab attention of the recruiter as the website itself offers beautiful format, good templates and professional design made by multi-talented graphic designer. Apart from that, you can add images and include more design features with your CV. As a matter of fact, if the design is poor, you won’t turn off the recruiter.

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