Tips for Packing Collectibles for a House Move

Packing your collectibles is the most challenging task for any homeowner since they can get damaged if exposed to extreme weather and temperature. Besides, the fragile items need robust packing. You are supposed to use large boxes and crates to ensure the safe movement of your collectibles from your current home to the new place.

Now, assuming that your collectibles are of high value and they mean so much to you, it goes without saying that you need to handle them with extra care. It should probably be the first thing to pack and keep in a secure place until the moving day. These boxes should also be the first ones to go into the transportation trucks. From packing to unloading the collectibles, these goods should be handled carefully. Here are a few things to ensure the safe movement of the collectibles.

Collect the Best Moving Supplies

Collectibles are not supposed to be packed in a trash bag or any local cardboard box. You should rather spend a few bucks and get the rental crates for these special accessories, especially if they are fragile items or precious gifts. These materials need to be packed and transported in sturdy boxes that can handle the load comfortably. You can also consider specialty boxes for specialized items, especially if you have materials that need careful transportation.

Pack Your Jewels and expensive Stuff First

Start with the items you do not use regularly. Or, the best you can do is pack the jewelry and expensive items first so that you don’t have to worry about losing them or forgetting them at your current home. Plus, you have a lot of time to pack these items carefully. Have a separate box for expensive jewelry and pack each item one by one. Do not forget to bubble wrap these boxes for extra protection.

Take Only What You Need

For collectibles, such as comic books, chances are you may not be a big fan of repeating the same book over and over again. So, you should filter these books and take only what you will use in your new home. There is no need to pack extra and take accessories you will probably not need in the new house.

Hire Interstate Removalists in Sydney

Professionals have the experience of packing and moving your collectibles and fragile items carefully. They know how to carry these goods to the transportation truck and then to the new house safely. The Melbourne to Newcastle Interstate Removalists have experience in transporting all types of goods – whether fragile or sturdy items. If you have something super delicate or expensive, you can ask the movers to be more careful with certain boxes.

If they break anything or drop any box containing expensive accessories, they will compensate you for the damages that occurred. All in all, a professional mover is your best bet for the safe and fast transportation of your delicate stuff to a new location.

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