Tips on choosing the sweet spot when it comes to coworking

The trend of coworking is catching up fast, especially amongst the millennial, with a considerably great magnitude.

The responsibility of choosing the perfect office space for coworking is given prime importance.

The long list of benefits attached with coworking can only be accrued when you smartly pick up the right coworking space in Mumbai.

By now, there are several options available especially in all the major metropolitan cities in India and it takes some level of research and understanding in order to choose the right coworking space especially when such diverse choices are available.

Here is a checklist/guide which you can refer to while choosing the sweet spot when it comes to coworking.

  1. Workspace location –The coworking space location has a big role both for your business as well as to keep your employees happy and contended. An accessible location is crucial as most of the clients, as well as employees, prefer something that is at a walkable distance from a metro station or feeder line stoppage or where the can facilities are easily available. From the point of view of business, an office space which is close to the concerned business’s needs can be treated as a commercial hub and this is considered as a major locational advantage. Another major thing that you should necessarily check is whether there are nearby cafes/restaurants/food kiosks which serve decent snacks, lunch & tea/coffee. You should never underestimate the requirement of good eateries near to the workplace.
  2. Coworking space’s pricing –The plus point of sharing an office is that it is quite economical and you end up paying only for that space which you just occupy like a shared desk, hot desk or as private office space even as they are ready-to-use plug & play offices. Therefore finding a right coworking space with fair charges which fairly provides all the necessary amenities is a must.
  3. Ambience & services that the coworking space provides – The work atmosphere or ambience is of major importance. These days the vibrant and modern office spaces are in vogue and they can be standardized plug & play offices or customized as per your exact requirements. You should ideally choose a coworking space which has got a community manager who would competently look into your needs and wants. The basic idea behind coworking is networking with entrepreneurs and professionals from different backgrounds. This gives a fairground to check out the various startups & companies which work out of this space and there can be a lot of potentials for your business to grow with the right collaboration opportunity.
  4. Amenities that are offered by the coworking facility – The amenities that who should expect from a coworking space should be far beyond just a high-speed internet connection. You should certainly ensure that you choose a coworking space which provides the right kind of meeting rooms that can accommodate properly the board members/clients. Certain coworking spaces offer the best break out spaces like the gaming zones, casual areas etc. that would act as stress busters for the members of the coworking space. The best coworking spaces also organize regular events which intend to bring all the members together and facilitate them to interact with each other. The coworking spaces are completely furnished workspaces. So, you do not require to spend a single penny on modifying the interiors.
  5. Flexibility – Flexible office spaces are the most demanded aspect amongst the millennial. Especially if you are a startup entrepreneur, then you might suddenly need to expand. In such cases, instead of looking out for new workspace, you can comfortably expand your team in the same coworking space. Also, several of the coworking spaces are open 24X7 and thus you can comfortably choose your working hours. Most of the coworking spaces provide flexible leasing options which are an icing on the cake.

Coworking has evolved as one of the cheapest as well as the easiest office setups in today’s world and choosing the sweet spot is certainly the task. You should ideally consider all the above factors while you are finalizing the coworking space for your startup/business and make the most out of it.

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