Tips to Write Wonderful Website Content

Your website is something that is frequently explored by the clients before they become your actual clients. Interesting and easy-to-understand website content can engage the audience and create more leads. It is not like a story or narrative. It is something else that the readers spent only a few seconds on reading. They will read only about 20 percent of the words on a page. So, the content writing services India must be easy to digest.

Here are some tips for writing excellent website content.

Be concise

You are not writing a story or a narrative. Make sure you are using an accurate number of words in each section. Do not say the ‘about’ section which has to be said in 150 words in 250 words. 

Use short and Simple Sentences

Avoid long sentences and difficult words from your website content. Your readers have a short attention span. So, each sentence must be up to 35 words. It needs to be well prepared for the search engines too. Think of your audience before start writing. Your audience may reach your website through social media links, links on the website, by sharing, etc. So your website content must be contenting enough to satisfy audiences from different strata. 

Avoid marketingese

You don’t have to check the dictionary for the word ‘marketingese’. It refers to the marketing jargon that you may use in your website content. Neutral language is much more useful than this. Always be creative and direct.

Use the “Inverted Pyramid” style of writing

We have already discussed that web readers have short attention spans. They are expecting the information they want from you in the first few seconds. So put the attention-seeking and essential information at the top of the page. Then gradually diminish the importance of the content.

Use active voice

Use active voice than passive voice. This will be more interactive, engaging, and direct. Instead of ‘this can be done  say ‘we can do it.’ This can make a huge difference. The former seems mechanical while the latter seems more like you are saying directly to your audience. 

Mix up your word choice

We all have our favorite set of words. But don’t always use them. Use the words strategically and keep your visitors interested. Copy-paste the content into word cloud software. And detect the importance of words and tags you have used. Replace the words which are used multiple times used with their synonyms.

Avoid spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors

A single spelling, grammar, or punctuation error in your website can cause you a customer! Sloppy mistakes and typos will create a very bad impression on your readers.

Optimize for search engines

Do not write the web content by only focusing on the human readers. Yes, human readers are important but do not assume that your only intent is the human readers. Do not ignore Google’s power. It’s important to optimize content for both the audience and search engines. Make sure that the relevant keywords are included in titles, subheadings, and meta descriptions.



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