Top 10 Temples in Rajasthan

Since the beginning of time, temples are the centre of cultural improvement for any location. Temples are also the cynosure of profound art, architecture and literature of that era, and domestic to rich mythological tales that have passed on from generation to technology! In the modern generation, these temples then uphold timeless vibrant traditions in their personal particular style. Let’s explore the ten captivating temples of Rajasthan that have echoed thru the catalogues of each traveller:

1. Ambika Mata Temple, Udaipur

Dedicated to Goddess Ambika, this temple changed into built around 961 AD. Older the temple, richer is its glory; Ambika Mata Temple is likewise one of the top attractions of vacationers in Mewar. More than the spellbinding structure, this temple is famous for its undying carvings & sculptures.

Trivia: The fashion of this temple is absolutely particular and new to this vicinity which makes Ambika Mata Temple certainly one of its kind.

Prime Attraction: Annual fair – held with first-rate vibrance and beauty throughout Navratri.

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2. Galtaji Temple, Jaipur

Monkeys and mischief frequently pass hand in hand, however not at Jaipur’s Galtaji Temple. Located inside the pristine mountains of Aravalli, this dazzling temple of Rajasthan is frequently ruled via monkeys – the devotees of Lord Hanuman. Small ‘kunds’ were constructed within the temple to give it a beautiful but devotional appearance.

Trivia: The Galtaji temple is indeed a set of different temples located at the hilltop of the Aravalli tiers.

Prime Attraction: Festival of Makar Sankranti is widely known widely as part of the temple’s annual fairs.

3. Shila Mata Mandir, Amer

Shila Mata Temple is an architectural grandeur! A stunning mixture of Mughal & Rajput production. Dedicated to Goddess Shila Mata, this temple at the concepts of Vastu and therefore it constantly radiates positivity attracting vacationers on a big scale.

Trivia: The graceful idol of Goddess Shila Mata became retrieved from Jessore, Bangladesh in 1604 by Maharaja Mansingh.

Prime Attraction: a 9-day pageant of Navratri marks exquisite importance for the devotees of Goddess Shila Mata.

4. Shri Eklingji Temple, Udaipur

Lord Shiva rests with pleasure and valour within the sanctum of Shri Eklingji Temple. Built in the 8th Century CE, this devotional centre has attracted a big range of pilgrims and vacationers from all elements of the arena. One can truly see the dominance of traditional Indian structure and carvings.

Trivia: This timeless epitome of artistry bathed inside the glory of royal poojas & traditions is extra than 1300 years antique!

Prime Attractions: Eklingji Patotsav and Maha Shivratri are two outstanding fairs celebrated with brilliant pomp!

5. Ranakpur Temple, Pali

Ranakpur Temple is one of the five most important pilgrims of the Jain religion. The temple is one of the primary tourist locations for people from every walks of lifestyles. This non-secular website online stands gracefully within the valleys of the Aravalli Ranges.

Trivia: The temple endorses more than 1400 carved pillars and covers a sizable vicinity of forty eight,000 sq. Ft.

Prime Attraction: The uniquely built idol of four-faced Tirthankaras characterize their quest for exploring the cosmos!

6. Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner

Karni Mata Temple dates lower back to the 15th Century and is committed to a popular non-secular persona – Karni Mata. It is believed that because of her mystical imagination and prescience, the village won the popularity and prospered all of the manners! Karni Mata Temple is likewise located in Mathania, Deshnoke, Udaipur & Alwar.

Prime Attraction: The temple is ruled via 20,000 rats which fantastically are very friendly and pose no harm to people.

7. Brahma Temple, Pushkar

A small town Pushkar in Rajasthan is the handiest town to have the temple of God Brahma inside the whole united states.

Trivia: Brahma Temple is placed among the temples of Savitri (his spouse) and Gayatri (other consort of Brahma).

Prime Attraction: The only temple devoted to Lord Brahma.

8. Birla Temple, Jaipur 

Originally called the Laxmi Narayan temple, Biral Temple is a popular website of pilgrimage and a excessive grossing traveller vacation spot. White marble with carved mythological scenes created this fantastic temple.

Trivia: Mahatma Gandhi turned into invited by using the BM Industrial Foundation to inaugurate the Birla Temple.

Prime Attraction: The temple has 3 domes constructed especially to represent three extraordinary spiritual domes.

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9. Parshuram Mahadev Temple, Jodhpur

Mythology says that Lord Parshuram constructed this cave along with his mythical axe to worship Lord Shiva. The pilgrimage is indeed a trek toward reaching divinity. Its importance and reputation has gained the temple the identity of ‘Amarnath of Rajasthan’

Trivia: The temple has nine water kinds that literally by no means go dry.

Prime Attraction: Shravan Shukla Shasthi and Saptami marks the beginning of a fantastic, pious honest.

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10. Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Mehandipur Balaji Temple is a must-visit for each staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman. People firmly accept as true with that the clergymen on this temple can perform an exorcism and regularly visit this region to reclaim themselves from the clutches of evil spirits. 

Prime Attraction: Chaitra Pournima, Ashwin Pournima and Hanuman Jayanti are the famous festivals of this temple.

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