Top 4 Liveable Cities in Australia

The top ten list of liveable cities in 2021 is here, and 4 Australian cities have cut. This article focuses on those four cities and, as a bonus, provides the reader’s information about the country’s visa policies if they wish to migrate to Australia.


These are the Top 4 Liveable Cities in Australia:-


These are the 4 Australian cities that appeared in the liveable cities list of 2021 as created by the economist intelligence unit, which annually forms this list of liveable cities.


Adelaide: – The first of the four Australian cities, Adelaide sits 4th on the top 10 list. It is the largest Australian city and is situated in the south. Adelaide provides a relaxed lifestyle with a safe and family-friendly environment to help people achieve a good balance between work and personal life.

The South Australian region also offers state nomination options to its immigration candidates and a commercial pathway for various visa options for proficient migrants or those who want to start a business in the country.  


Perth: – Perth is the 2nd city on the list situated in west Australia. It is also Australia’s largest state. Perth has many things to offer its migrants, such as high-quality infrastructure and excellent job opportunities for people in the mining or construction industry. Another good news is that the unemployment rate in Perth was low, and its growth rate increased during the pandemic.


Melbourne: – Melbourne makes it the third liveable Australian city on the list this year. It is the second most colonized city in Australia and is Victoria’s financial sector, making it ideal for the banking and insurance sectors.

Metal processing, clothing, textiles, and food processing are important industries in this region. However, this city is also a good option for people who want to enter biotechnology, biomedicine, and computer manufacturing companies in Australia.


Brisbane: – Brisbane is situated in Australia’s sunshine state called Queensland. Like other cities and towns in this region, Brisbane is one of the most liveable cities in the world. It provides a stable economy, affordable living, and good quality higher education, making it the 4th most affordable city for students in Australia. It also offers good infrastructure, a secure living atmosphere, and urban culture.


It completes the list of the top 4 liveable cities in Australia. Still, before people can immigrate to this city, they also need to look at and understand the various visa policies that the Australian government offers them.  


Visa Policies to Migrate to Australia

If one wishes to move to one of the cities, they have many options. One of the popular options is a skilled immigration visa for obtaining permanent residency. A person can either commence by studying a course with high demand in these cities or start the application process right away if already skilled. While there is more scope for skilled immigrants in Melbourne and Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide offer flexible migration policies.

     The Australian government has made many immigration systems for the PR visa to conduct the immigration process, filter the immigrants and ensure that only eligible persons get visas. Each immigration plan has its specific requirements for eligibility and selection criteria. Australia follows a points-based system for immigration, under which one must score 65 or more out of 100 to be eligible to get a visa. 


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