Top 5 Affordable States for Family Vacations


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America is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and home to several of the “Natural Wonders of the World.” But the country also has some of the most affordable and beautiful states where families can vacation. Here are five of the best.

1. Virginia- 

Virginia is one of the country’s most diverse states. It has wonderful coastal areas as well as stunning mountains and is the seat of some of the most prestigious events of American history. Families that wish to enjoy a great vacation have no shortage of spots to enjoy without breaking the bank, including visiting the outer islands of Virginia and Virginia Beach. Visitors can take an excursion to Historic Williamsburg and Jamestown, where visitors can learn about America’s earliest history and enjoy America’s largest preserved colonial village. Visitors can also enjoy a Sunday service at Bruton Episcopal Church, where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would often spend their Sundays or enjoy a day at Busch Gardens. They can also take a quick trip to the nation’s capital.


For animal lovers, taking a wonderful trip to the Chincoteague area to discover Virginia’s wild horses is the perfect way to enjoy the coast and these beautiful horses in their natural habitat. They have been living freely on this island since the founding of America. The state has a bounty for those who love the mountains, including spots in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Shenandoah Mountains, and spend a few days in Roanoke, Charlottesville, or Staunton.

2. Massachusettes- 

Like Virginia, Massachusetts has an abundance of natural landscapes to visit. From the pristine oceans of Cape Cod to the beauty of the Berkshires and the Mohawk Trail. These locations are great family getaway locations that can be enjoyed without breaking the bank. There are ample trails and natural wonders to enjoy, including the Pot Holes of Shelburne Falls, where visitors can enjoy the Bridge of Flowers and get a first-hand experience with glass blowing.


Visitors can also go to historic Plymouth Massachusettes to enjoy a visit to where the Pilgrims landed and take a tour of the replica Mayflower and Plymouth Plantation. For city lovers who want to take in America’s history, Boston has an abundance of historical sites such as Faneuil Hall, as well as a wonderful science center and the sea aquarium.

3. Tennesee-

 Tennessee has no shortage of beautiful places to see, including the sleepy Smokey Mountains, where breathtaking scenery abounds. For nature enthusiasts, there is an abundance of trails and nature preserves to enjoy. Tennessee is also the home of country music and some of America’s greatest history in the west.


For those who want to enjoy stunning mountain views and enjoy the vast nature of the state, Gatlinburg is one of the state’s best regions. Visitors can rent a stunning rustic or modern Gatlinburg cabin with breathtaking views and take in an abundance of country music and western-themed experiences. Visitors to the state can also enjoy a jaunt to Nashville to delve into the heart of the nation’s rich country music.

4. Florida- 

Florida is well known as a diverse getaway location where families can enjoy miles of pristine beaches on the Atlantic and the Gulf Coast. Daytona Beach is well known for offering visitors an abundance of fun and sunshine in one of the world’s most beautiful drive-on beaches. Visitors can also enjoy a trip to medieval times in Kissimmee, swim with the dolphins, or take an airboat ride to see the state’s vast wildlife areas, including alligators in the Everglades.


Florida also offers an abundance of history to enjoy. One of America’s earliest settlements was St. Augustine which offered visitors a wonderful way to experience the early roots of pre-American history. Additional pre-American history can be found in the beautiful Florida Keys, where visitors can enjoy any of the dozens of little towns that dot the islands.

5. New York- 

While many people are familiar with New York City, the state of New York is abundant with hundreds of lakes, rivers, and waterways for visitors to enjoy. This includes the majestic and beautiful Niagara Falls, known as one of the Natural Wonders of the World for its towering cascades of breathtaking water. For ocean lovers, Long Island has some of the northeast’s most beautiful beach areas.


For mountain lovers, the Adirondack Mountains offer an abundance of areas to enjoy nature at its best. From the Lake George region to Lake Champlain, the finger lakes, and Chittaqqua, the lakes in upper state New York are some of the country’s finest. The state also has an abundance of American history to enjoy. From Fort Ticonderoga and Fort William Henry to Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty, the fiber of America runs deep throughout the state.


No matter which destination you choose, these locations offer some of America’s finest in nature, history, and entertainment. Visitors should plan ahead to get the best discount packages.


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