Top 5 Features of TheOneSpy you Must Know as Parents

Are you worried that your kid is getting out of control? Are you dying to know what your kid is doing on the computer all day? Well, relax and continue reading, and you will thank me later. Parenting is a challenging task, so why not get help from someone who can monitor your kids as closely as you do? The best option for you is using the TheOneSpy application to spy on your kids without their knowledge. The following top features of TheOneSpy are what you need as parents so let’s see what kind of features are being offered.

Recording Calls and Texts

You get busy for some days and then out of nowhere you get to know that your kid made new friends. Being a parent, you will be curious and anxious to know about them. No worries as TheOneSpy provides the feature of recording all the calls and messages shared between kids and their friends. Its spy software records all the communication of your kids and then sends the summary to your email remotely. It also keeps a record of all the messages shared by your kids so that you can know more about their friends. In short, TheOneSpy acts as the best parenting partner.

Unlocking Passwords

Parents usually lock their mobiles so that kids cannot mess their things. Similarly, kids also like to be secretive, and thus they protect all their accounts, devices, and folders with passwords. To monitor their online activities and their academic folders as well as personal fodders, parents can now use TheOneSpy. The android spy software of it lets you unlock all the passwords of your kids via different features like camera recording, screen recording, keystrokes tracking, etc. You can use this to open the personal devices of your kids and can go through their browsing history, call records, shared texts, and password-protected folders. All this can be done by installing the application on the devices of your kids. It’s this much easy, so don’t wait and register yourself for this fantastic application.

Monitoring Social Media Accounts

It’s all about social media these days whether it’s number of friends, number of followers, numbers of subscribers, number of streaks, etc. The studies show that people, including kids and parents, spends most of the time online because of social media platforms. To make sure that your kids are not addicted to them, you need to monitor them closely. All this can be done by installing TheOneSpy social media spy applications on their devices and then scrolling through their online accounts, respectively. TheOneSpy provides a recording feature where it records all the online activities of kids on all kinds of platforms. So if your kids on social media block you, don’t be heartbroken as you have TheOneSpy to help you see their profiles and activities, etc.

Tracking Browsing History

Kids like to surf on the web and see different stories, cartoons, and gaming websites. All these websites are filled with all kinds of advertisements. To make sure that kids are using the web according to the family rules, you can permit them to use the computers freely and then can go through the browsing history. TheOneSpy provides a complete list of all the searched and visited websites that can tell you whether your kid behaved adequately or not.

GPS Tracking

Kids are attracted to parks and swing rides etc. They get easily distracted by these things. Suppose you went to Disney Land, and you went to buy them ice-cream, but they are not there when you come back. Oh goodness, gracious, you will surely panic and would go here and there. But if you have TheOneSpy installed on their tablets or smartphones, you will be able to track them quickly as it follows their location and gives you a real-time place. Moreover, tracking the location of kids can make you relax as you can know that they are safe and sound.

All these features are designed to help you in monitoring your kids keenly. And with its user-friendly platform, you will love the TheOneSpy application. It’s easy to install and can be used on androids, tablets, windows, macs, etc. So hurry and get your subscription and plan today.

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