Top 5 honeymoon destinations in India



Give your sweetheart the picturesque beauty of a town on the shore. Just connect your love moments with the city’s aroma. In times of anxiety, your relationship is definitely as strong as their exterior shell and your behavior towards one another, as soft as their interior.


Alappuzha is a city in Kerala district, in southern India that was otherwise referred to as Alleppey. This city is thought to be the most established arranged city on the coast and the beacon on the shoreline of this city is the first of its type along the Arabian coast.


Why this city occupied a place in our countdown of top honeymoon destinations in India?


The mullock chip is another of Alappuzha’s attractions, which are 5 colorful days in December during the joyful season.


Alleppey is a must-visit in India for every traveler. Backwaters of Alleppey are recognized worldwide and Kerala’s best-known holiday Alleppey Houseboat. It connects Kumarakom and Cochin in the north and Quilon in the south direction.


In 2001, Alleppey is the sixth largest town in Kerala, according to a survey conducted.


In fact, Alleppey is complemented by Lord Curzon’s ‘Venice of the East’ with such beauty. Take this cost-effective pleasure in our Motherland India to taste Venice.


“Goa” to me is a place in India which from the all-powerful had obtained some special blessing. Goa is a dictionary that defines the true meaning of living life in its fullest sense for every Indian.


Make your love storey a real effort and boost the immature strings of the heart and know what makes it a top honeymoon destination in India.


What new and exciting things your life partner in Goa could give!


Le Poisson Rouge: Is your wife a seafood addict? Or does his or her best selection of food relate to continental food? Well, Goa’s got a lot to please you then. This is a place to see the chefs’ efforts in creating and presenting their food in a completely unique Avatar. You order a new discovery and not just for food.

Sarzora Lake: Your quest for peace and love ends in the wild. This place has a way to match the heartbeat of every couple with nature. This place will teach you how to build a well-honored structure of married life.




Well if you belong to Bong culture, you won’t have to propose this place for a honeymoon. But for the newly wedded couples, my countdown found this place to plan their lunches in a place like heaven.


Feel the energy of the sun with its strong arms and thrilling cold winds. This scene will gain beauty and importance if you both enjoy the warm Darjeeling tea and enjoy the scenic ecstasy.



Some details help you to make this place the top destination of the honeymoon in India!


You must visit it during the winter to taste the high altitude for a honeymoon trip, in order to make sure the winter is as good as possible.

The place reminds you of the greeting cards that we gave to our loved ones in winter.

In numerous Bollywood movies, this best wedding tour destination has been used to shoot romantic scenes.

CNN has called Gulmarg “the heartland of the Indian Winter Games” and has been judged to be India’s seventh-best skiing destination. This ideal honeymoon destination is located in the Himalayan region called Pir Panjal. Gulmarg’s regular snow-covered landscape in winter allows wild blooms to develop.


I’m promising you will collect many sweet memories for a lifetime if you finish this as a destination for your honeymoon.




Another highlight in India for the honeymoon. Sand is used to measuring time, and sand can give you a great love time. Plan something else and plan to stay at Jaisalmer for at least seven days. Folk traditions and customs are present. There are Through their everyday miseries people try to do art.


This place could serve as an institution for a newly married couple to educate themselves in times of misbalance to be patient and also to mechanize the process to create a pleasure art out of the debris of pain.


The Jaisalmer Fortship is an amazing view: a sandcastle that rises like an illusion from ancient times from the sandy areas. There are no better places to exchange fascinating camels and abandon the riddle. 99 bastions surround the winding paths of the post which are still occupied.


There are shops inside, wrapped in splendid woven facilities, a renowned royal residence, and different organizations. Irrespective of company greed, this leave stronghold is hard to be charmed.


Under the bulwarks, and especially to the north, Jaisalmer’s assignment as a Golden City and a top honeymoon destination is the limited roads of the ancient cité, all cut off from the indiscernible brilliant nectar sandstone from the post.


Jaisalmer may be far away but he is certainly not overlooked as a city which has returned almost from death in the last sixty years – it is one of the biggest visitor goals of Rajasthan, and few people come here without climbing onto a camel in the Thar Desert.


Rivalry to get your bum in a camel’s seat can be wild, with a few managers using hard-offer offensive strategies. In general, however, this is a lot more relaxed, trouble free space than any Jaipur or Jodhpur look.


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