Top 5 Kumarakom resorts for discovering the scenic Kerala backwaters


The Kerala backwaters are probably one of the country’s best-known tourist destinations. Kumarakom is the ideal place to visit in Kerala, combining peaceful beauty, rich greenery, rustic vibes, and delicious seafood. This picturesque village on Vembanad Lake is ideal for an idyllic getaway in the Own Country of God. Kumarakom has a fair share of plush resorts, along with hotels, hostels, and houseboats. For your next trip, we have chosen the top five resorts in Kumarakom.


1. A serene resort by the backwaters of Kumarakom


This place is one of the best resorts in Kumarakom, with extensive gardens, striking architecture and views of the pristine blue sea. It is like a traditional house in Kerala, allowing you to soak in the traditional feeling of the place. It offers 20 well-kept and sophisticated suites for a comfortable stay.


With modern amenities and simple decor, the rooms are ideal for relaxing after a long day out. This restaurant serves authentic, coastal Malabar cuisine. You’ll be able to experience the beautiful boat tours and local attractions. A dose of treatments and massages can also be enjoyed in the on-site Spa.


In addition to the modern amenities and simple décor, the rooms here are ideal for relaxing after a long day out. This restaurant serves authentic coastal-rich malabar cuisine. You can add to your experience by boat tours and touring the local attractions. Dose of treatments for relaxation and massages can also be enjoyed at the spa in the house.


2. By the Vembanad lake – resort in Kumarakom


This resort on the banks of the Lake Vembanad is spread across an area of lush greenery and surrounded by coconut palms. With its traditional structure, it exudes rustic vibes. 22 suites, including a mini-refrigerator, a tea/coffee maker and well-designed bathrooms, have been decorated. Each suite’s veranda is the ideal place for an evening and watches the sunset as heaven turns into a flaming red light. You can have a relaxing massage in the Ayurvedic centre or just relax by the pool. You can have a rest in the Yoga and Meditation Centre.


3. An enchanting resort on the banks of Vembanad lake


Situated by the lake of Vembanad Lake, this charming resort promises you a nice holiday in the countryside of Kerala. Some of the amenities offered here include a green garden, an outdoor pool, an exclusive children’s club, an Ayurvedic centre and a fully-equipped business centre. You can also enjoy the picturesque beauty of this area through activities like fishing trips and backwater cruises.

The Bamboo Pool Villa/Cottage, Lagoon/Garden facing Cottage and different suites are offered here. The bamboo villa is ideal for a luxurious stay, as it has a private bassin, a jacuzzi, a TV and a well-equipped bathroom.

4. Luxurious boutique resort by the backwaters of Kumarakom


This boutique resort is situated in the backwaters of Kumarakom. With well-designed villas and rooms with a magnificent view of the external lake, you can relax in the nature. Here are some of the highlights, including private swimming pools, infinity pools and an in-house restaurant and bar.

The rooms here are equally attractive and elegantly furnished. Whether you wake up to the view or the modern conveniences, these rooms will certainly add to your holiday experience. Furthermore an ayurvedic spa for relaxation away from the chaos of the city!


5. Premium backwater resort in Kumarakom


As Prince Charles’ 65th birthday resort, this place is one of Kumarakom’s best resorts. All rooms, suites and villas are really suitable for a king! The structures in this area are mainly rebuilt in traditional Kerala homes or manas and made with tiles of true manas in the region.

In the charming little courtyards, the open-top bathroom adds to the charming spell of the resort. There are also amenities such as a meeting room, a spa, an infinity pool or even a gym. The resort offers various activities, such as cross-country cruises, sunset cruises, speedboat trips, water sports and bananas.


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