Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools

From a $500m business to an estimated $6.4 billion in 2024, the marketing automation market/industry has escalated quickly. 67 percent of marketing reports are now using at least one marketing automation tool, according to Salesforce, and a further 21 percent expect to start using one.

Around the same time with new features and lists entering the industry every year, the number of marketing automation solutions continues to expand, making it harder than ever to find the best tool for you.

Despite “n” number of marketing automation consulting and solutions to select from, after evaluating over 55+ automation solutions and email marketing, I’m going to list out my Top 7 tools that stand out.

1. Marketo:

Adobe Marketo is, and for good cause, perhaps the best among the automation platform. With a complete package of features that provide marketers to handle their email marketing and also offer outstanding tools for sales teams, it is one of the most accomplished tools. Launchpoint is a market place where Marketo now has multiple integrations.

Costs: $1195 per month

2. Eloqua:

Eloqua is fully loaded and delivers outstanding quality of solutions. It comes with the best package that suits you. The amount of time they spent training and helping their clients get the most out of the commodity is one of Eloqua’s main differentiators. Like Marketo, with multiple integrations with third-party providers, Eloqua also has a fantastic marketplace.

Cost: $2000 per month


Simplicity is the biggest thing we appreciate in This is a platform that helps you to do what you want from it. Although it’s not just an orthodox out of the box thing, you can really tailor/customize your experience with if you’re prepared to invest in some developer effort. Its fast, lightweight User Interface and customer service are other good thing about this tool. One of the younger competitors is, but they are rising really fast and are certainly a competitor to watch.

Cost: Basic free plan Paid: $75 per month

4. Constant Contact:

For small companies, Constant Contact is the best and well known for marketing automation. It does a wonderful job of delivering simple features in a manner that even inexperienced users can take advantage of Constant Touch. The ease of use and affordable cost also adds to its features.

Cost: $15 per month

5. HubSpot:

There is one and the same benefit and downside of using HubSpot are that this automation tool does an extra of everything. HubSpot considers itself as Inbound marketing software, which means that it provides a range of resources. This all-in-one plan may be genuinely handy.

Cost: $200 per month

A Bonus!


The capacity of the tool to target messages over several networks is one thing that stands out to us in Pardot. Most marketing automation systems concentrate on email, but pardot goes beyond it and helps you to target updates from smartphone applications or even messages to a customer’s dashboard.

Cost: Not Disclosed

Which Marketing Automation Tool to Choose?

There are diverse options for marketing automation tech platforms. It all depends on you, your technical ability, and the intent of the organization. It’s all about finding the best one.

Choose the tool which suits your requirements and the purpose of using the tool. Look into the competitors and their specialization.

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