Top 5 Recommended Ways to Take CBD Oil

The CBD industry is booming. Gone are the days when you could only vape CBD oil or have it in the gummies. Now, you get it in everything – from edibles to skincare products. Over 450,000 people nowadays are buying CBD products, as per the Cannabis Trading Association in the United Kingdom. 

Cannabidiol has become an integral part of the majority of human lives being non-psychoactive. And, some people like to grab foods infused with CBD oil or apply it topically. Let’s check out five ways that are recommended for CBD oil consumption. 

  • Cannabidiol Oil Drops or Tinctures

CBD tincture oral drops are one of the best ways to consume cannabidiol. Take it by measuring in the dropper and pour it under the tongue. They start their action within fifteen minutes of consumption as they reach the bloodstream faster than the edibles and pills, and work with the endocannabinoid system, as per one of the studies

One bottle of it gives about 20-22 servings. You don’t need any vaporizer or other equipment to have it. CBD oils are available in different flavors, like strawberry, blueberry, ice cream, cherry, butterscotch, and lime, to name a few. Choose the flavor that suits you the most. The effect of this sublingual and discrete method of CBD consumption stays for 30-48 hours.


  • CBD Vaping

If you are used to smoking or vaping with nicotine vape juices earlier, CBD vaping will suit you the most. However, to make the transition easy, it is better to add some CBD vape additives to the flavored oil. 

Popular as vape oils, or CBD e-liquids, this method needs a vaporizer to heat the oil to make the components active. Besides CBD, the oils contain both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine and a dash of artificial flavor. CBD e-liquids consist of cannabidiol instead of nicotine and are quite similar to the nicotine-based e-liquids. 

As you vape, the lungs absorb the CBD within minutes, making it work faster than other methods. Nonetheless, your lungs and throat do not get affected as it leaves no toxin smoke. CBD e-liquids are made in different flavors, just like the tinctures, and are mostly obtainable within the price range of 13$ to 27$ per bottle. 

Moreover, you can have them in different dosages. While 30mg of CBD is present in a bottle of mild CBD e-liquid, stronger ones can have about 1000 mg in a single bottle. 


  • Taking CBD Oil through Rectum or Vagina

Are you taking CBD oil for Crohn’s diseases or other issues related to the digestive system? Then rectal or vaginal consumption is the most effective as they directly affect the digestive tract. The membranes of the intestines quickly absorb the CBD, letting it mix with the blood faster. It starts to show its effects only within 20 minutes, which stays up to 8 long hours. 


  • Edibles Infused with CBD Oil

Though quite a new method of CBD oil consumption, it has taken the CBD world by storm. CBD Edibles are appropriate for people foraying into the CBD world. CBD tea, CBD coffee, CBD milk; cocktails and mocktails with CBD; CBD cookies, chocolates and cakes and CD pasta, salad, bread – which one you want to try first? 

The options are endless when it comes to CBD oil-infused edibles. But this process needs about 2 hours to show its effect as the liver will first break down the edibles, and then it will go to the digestive tract and mix with the bloodstream. Approximately 20-30% of CBD you can absorb through the CBD edibles. 

One thing you should keep in mind is that over 90 degrees centigrade, CBD starts to lose all its benefits. So, never exceed that temperature while cooking your dishes with Cannabidiol. 


  • Topical Use of CBD Oil

Finally, you can use CBD oil topically, either in your skincare products or in balms. It is mostly suitable for the users who hate oral uses of CBD as they can take it through their skin. They are easy to apply and have a pleasant aroma. It is said that the closer you bring CBD to your trouble, the better is the solution. 

Thus if you have arthritis or chronic pain in the leg or joints, then you must try CBD gummies for pain or apply some balm infused with CBD oil and start to get relief within 15 minutes. Applying CBD ointment or balm thrice every day is vital to get its continuous effects. Apart from that, CBD bath additives can give you instant relaxation. You can also use CBD skin products that are particularly formulated to prevent aging and acne. 


Final Thoughts

These are the five recommended ways of taking CBD oil, and they vary from person to person according to their choices and requirements. While some prefer the topical application due to their pain or skin issues, some opt for the CBD tincture for immediate effect. Some people like the edibles as they get the slow but long-lasting CBD effect without its quirky taste. However, before incorporating CBD oil into your lifestyle and diet, consult an expert or a doctor.

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