Top 5 TEFL Courses Online to Teach English Abroad

Most of the soon-to-be English teachers think, “If I speak English, I can teach English, I don’t need a TEFL certification”. However, that is NOT TRUE.

Teaching is a great deal different than speaking a language. In fact, teaching a second language or a foreign language to students with diverse language backgrounds is way more complex than it looks. Thus, it is safe to say that many who speak brilliant English may not become great teachers.

Just like any other skill, teaching, especially teaching English as a foreign language must be learned, practiced, and honed. Because ranging from kids, young adults, corporate workers to professionals could make up your classroom. A TEFL teacher usually teaches a range of students from diverse cultures, age groups, educational qualification, intellect, and experiences.

Thus, to teach English abroad, TEFL courses online hold a significant value because they give the vital certification needed for it.

More importantly, TEFL Certification is an internationally recognized eligibility required for teaching English abroad or online. It is mandatory for new and experienced teachers alike and highly central to the job application.

Here’s a list of the top-rate TEFL courses online curated just for you:

  1.   Henry Harvin Education

Ranked #1 by Trainings360, Henry Harvin is one of the leading institutes acknowledged by the industry. Great reviews, success stories of its students, and 23,000+ distinguished alumni network set it apart from the crowd.

The key features of the TEFL course are:

  • Duration: 120 hours of online instructor-led interactive sessions along with recorded videos for one year at Learning Management System (LMS) + 24hrs live post-training support and monthly brush-up sessions after the course.  
  • Affiliation: 120-hour TEFL courses online are affiliated by the prestigious American Association of EFL (AAEFL).
  • Internship + Job Support: 100% Placement support and assistance lifetime. Assured Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms. Regular job updates through the mail and opportunity to earn $3000 from the beginning (inclusive of but not limited to Interview Skills and Career Services).
  • Faculty: Experienced and expert academicians with 10+ years of teaching experience to inculcate best skills required in the candidates.
  • Countries Covered: 12,000+ jobs spanning 46 countries and all 7 continents are listed on Henry Harvin’s job portal.  
  • Membership + Live Projects: 1-year Membership of Henry Harvin’s TEFL academy. Opportunities to work on Live Projects and teach a real class to gain an in-depth understanding of learner’s psychology. Candidates also get to observe classes taught by seasoned TEFL teachers.
  • Teaching Method: Candidates learn how to intensify their students’ engagement with the language using flashcards, challenges, etc. Develop out-of-box and exciting lesson plans beforehand to face the first class even more confidently. Also, shape lesson plans to cover the nuances of teaching a second language to students with rich cultural backgrounds.
  • Pedagogical Practices: Using projects, games, quizzes, and case studies to make teaching more fun and immersive for the TEFL certification candidates.

Not only do they provide the best of the services, but also their course charges are quite inexpensive. Henry Harvin’s 120-hour TEFL courses online cost only $299 in a pool where others ask exorbitant prices.

New batches start every week, and you can also request a demo class. Visit their website to know more.

  1.   ITTT – International TEFL and TESOL Training

ITTT offers a variety of TEFL courses online, in-class, and combined ranging from introductory (60-hour) to standard (120hr and 170hr) to advanced (220hr to 550 hr.). They also have the TEFL courses online both self-paced video lessons and tutor interactive.

Introductory course fee starts from $300 to advanced courses costing $1690. You can find the best and comfortable course fee suitable for your career goals in their extensive list of courses.

More about ITTT:

  • International accreditation for TEFL.
  • Choice of Online (self-paced and tutor support), In-class, and hybrid (blend of online and in-class) courses.
  • In-person class courses in 35 countries around the world.
  • 25 years’ experience in the teacher training business.
  • Job support post-completion of TEFL certification.
  • A wide array of recruitment partners and international schools.

Visit their website to know more about individual courses.

  1.   TEFL Pros

Started by two female TEFL teachers, TEFL Pros is comparatively a newcomer in the TEFL training industry. However, it has soon developed a network of alumni and great reviews.

TEFL Pros has only one course which is a fully online 120-hour self-paced TEFL course.

The features of their comprehensive and carefully planned TEFL course are:

  • Full accreditation by a recognizing agency.
  • This 120-hour course has time and location flexibility which can be completed anytime and anywhere. Most candidates complete it in 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Focus on instructional videos and candidates watch real classroom footage of TEFL teachers which helps in practical skill-building.
  • Through footage, trainees learn how to put TEFL concepts and skills into practice and develop their lesson plans accordingly.
  • They pride themselves in high-quality instruction through modules including classroom management, student participation, and lesson planning of grammar, phonics, reading and writing.
  • Their curriculum involves creating a portfolio by the candidates which are evaluated at the end of the course.

They do not provide job support or guarantee. Nevertheless, they give TEFL certification holders access to interview videos and a suggested list of potential schools, colleges, and companies.

TEFL Pros 120-hour TEFL courses online cost $349 and they offer a free 2-day TEFL training course.

  1.   i-to-i TEFL

Established in 1994, i-to-i provides a variety of TEFL courses online, in-class, and hybrid. Their foundational 120-hour courses start from $348 which takes around 8 to 15 weeks to complete.

Their course attributes are as follows:

  • Globally recognized and accredited.
  • Since they have been around for 25+years, they have a vast network of 210,000+graduates.
  • They have courses starting from 120-hour TEFL certification up to 320-hour diploma qualification.
  • The entire curriculum is tutor supported and candidates get valuable feedback and guidance throughout the course.
  • Post-completion, students get access to the job Centre to find teaching jobs for themselves.
  • Along with the course, they provide free teaching eBooks, lesson plans, mini-courses, and free freelancing eBooks to help trainees in their future teaching jobs.

They also help candidates with TEFL internships. Check out their website to know the countries where they provide internship and job services.

  1.   MyTEFL

MyTEFL has a selection of TEFL courses online and in-person starting from 40-hour to 120-hour. The courses are quite affordable, and a 120-hour course is for $299 with lesser hour courses costing even lesser. However, take into consideration that the industry standards are 120-hours and onwards which is preferred by most of the employers.

Supplementary info about MyTEFL courses:

  • Fully accredited.
  • 24/7 virtual tutor support if needed.
  • Online courses include 40-hour, 60-hour, 80-hour, and 120-hour which most trainees complete in 3 to 6 weeks.
  • In-person classroom courses are available in Argentina, Spain, and Thailand which again last 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Candidates can ask for a letter of recommendation after the course completion.
  • Post-completion of TEFL certification, students can also request placement support.  

MyTEFL has first-rate student reviews and ratings.


It could get REAL SCARY REAL FAST when facing a class full of students with distinct language backgrounds. Good TEFL courses online prepare and sharpen you for just that. They teach you to tackle the problems associated with teaching a second language.

If you are wondering, NO, you don’t need to learn all the unexpected languages you may encounter in a class. TEFL course trains you to handle such situations, entrust you with various tricks up your sleeve and prepares you to impress your future students and employers.

So, stop sloughing off and gear up to enrol in a TEFL certification course today. It is time to travel the world, pack your bags and get going!

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