Top 5 Trending Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for 2021

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. To breathe new life to your rather monotonous kitchen, it is always advisable to afresh the designs of your place and kitchen in particular to more radiant and appealing colour schemes. From laminates and stone benchtops to caravan kitchens and fit-outs, a lot of variances can be seen in kitchen designs in New South Wales, Australia.

The perspective and idea behind designing anything are mostly reliant on how much comfort the design is providing and at the same time, it must be aesthetically appealing.

The design of cabinets plays an important role in making your kitchen space efficient for work and exquisite in appeal. Cabinets with good storage capacities, providing accessibility to all appliances and utilities, color schemes, and many factors need to be considered while designing the kitchen cabinets.

Keeping the current vibe of designs in view, the following trend in cabinets are to be seen in the near future.


The pandemic has mostly kept people inside, homeowners these days are experimenting a lot with new and bolder colors. For cabinetry, colors, and patterns that perfectly match the kitchen aura are being customized. Subtle colours such a soft green and light grey have timeless appeal. They provide a simple and clean look to the kitchen. Medium toned colors such as blue, grey, yellow are all common. Many homeowners are also going for extreme colours such as navy blue, black, emerald green that provide luxurious as well as gothic feels to home kitchens.


Open shelves cabinets are also a current trend. They have the benefits of easy accessibility and provide refreshment to kitchen space. For a uniform look, a similar colour scheme of cookware can be complimented.


To safeguard the design and to store volumes of items required for kitchens, it is preferable to go for concealed cabinets. Refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances can be installed in this kind of hide and seek storage. These can also be used as a countertop for many small-sized appliances. Cabinet makers Newcastle NSW have provided the latest design in town for building kitchen cabinets.


Engineered wood such as painted MDF and veneer wood are quite in trend for providing wood aesthetics to cabinets doors. This has helped in providing a rather vintage appeal to your kitchen.


Minimalism is the modern look that has found its way in our kitchen. From subtle monochromes to simple designs of cabinet door panels, it easily fits in the modern kitchen category.

Other than above mentioned design, cabinet with furniture flair and integrated advanced technology’s such as inbuilt refrigerators, dishwasher’s, under-cabinet LED’s, cabinets with docking stations serving as charging points for gadgets have all been making news and are going to advance in coming times.

Keeping all the trends in mind, homeowners are amalgamating designs that are more personalized and unique. So, which trend are you going to follow?


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