Top 5 Universities of Dentistry Around the World

Well, all parts of the body require complete attention and health care. And, you never consider bringing out one part unnecessarily. Our whole body depends on each other’s if one part hurts. As a result, it affects other parts of the body. According to this, like other health care areas, dentistry is also most popular and increases day by day to cure the problem of teeth. In recent times most people are suffering from teeth problems and want secure treatment.  Because if any mistake is made in the cure of dental problems, it ultimately makes the root cause of various critical diseases.

Nevertheless, most of the people want to become a dentist, and they start searching for the top-notch university of dentistry. So, this content delivers information about the top five universities that offer the program related to dentistry. Add to this; you would find best online lectures for dentistry because nowadays internet mode is the best companion for every person who wanders for learning. Furthermore, Dr Najeeb lectures are the well qualified and experienced person who offers the Best Medical Lectures for the Dentistry, nursing & pharmacy students. Let’s see which university offers the best dental education.

  • University of Hong Kong
  • Harvard University
  • University of California San Francisco
  • Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam
  • University of Bern

Let us dive to see about the mission, requirements and that every candidate must be fulfilled to get admission in these universities.

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University of Hong Kong:

Hong Kong has the Chinese culture and architecture and is famous for various aspects. For instance, this place is famous for trade, finance and the hub of higher education. Moreover, Hong Kong; many universities provide the best education to improve personal abilities and talents. Around 20 degrees awarding higher education institutions in Hong Kong serve the purpose of educating people and produce a skilful individual. In these institutions, 8 are publicly funded.

However, the University of Hong Kong is the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong kingdom. And the history is long over a hundred years and is ranked on 26th among the reputable research-led universities. This university is a research-driven institute, and 111 professors 1% have been highly ranked across the world and known as the Essential Science Indicators. Add to this, produce successful and talented 9000 international students that belong to 96 is the best internationally connected university with around 340 learning universities in 43 countries. The University of Hong Kong prefers the English medium of instruction for their world best curriculum. From the last 11th consecutive years, the employment rate of HKU graduates is set at 99.4%. This rate shows the popularity and success of this university.

Harvard University:

The second most important and well-known name is Harvard University that offers the various programs of dentistry. This university was founded in 1936, and it is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard is the eldest educational institute that grants the quality of higher education across the United States. It is widely regarded in terms of its reputation, academic progress, and influence progress not just in the country but rather across the world. So, it makes the cause of interest for every dental student. Harvard has 209-acre campus hoses for the members, faculty, and students. Also, it has 10 degree-granting schools, five museums and two theatres. Plus, this university has the world largest library hub for the students in the world with 180 serial titles, 18 million volumes, 10 million photographs and 400 million manuscript items. Now, a total of 21,000 students attend the university each day.

Harvard University is dedicated work for excellence in teaching research and learning. Add to this; it develops leaders in many wants who create difference globally. It produces heaps of skilful and well-trained persons that work for the welfare of the people. This university provides the opportunity for a collaborative environment. It has 20,000-degree candidates including graduate, undergraduate and 360,000 alumni across the world. Moreover, this university has 85.2 % international faculty to promote the collaborative environment.

University of California San Francisco:

Now the next most popular university that offers the best and high tech education to their students to make them competent. UCSF is the superb platform for the medical students who want to give turn to their future towards dentistry. Add to this; University California San Francisco offers the various programs like bioengineering advances, biotechnology and natural sciences as well. It placed their forefront space for the development of modern medical education and biomedicine. This public university has the highest research opportunities and 4482 qualified staff.  The aim of this leading university is too dedicated to advancing health and globally best biomedical research on graduate-level education. This university has the core values of professionalism, diversity, excellence, integrity and respect.

Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam:

The most important name of Dentistry University is the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam. They provide collaborative and involving facilities for the dentistry department at the university. ACTA grants the opportunity for educational programs, scientific research and wants to deliver patients care in the field of dentistry. It stays in the top ranking of best teachers and guiders providers. With other training, ACTA provides postgraduates courses for dentists. The main mission of the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam is to maintain the independent faculty of Dentistry. Also, this university has the goal to produce a dentist and make them competitive in their field. And grant the option to explore more things in their field for the benefits of others.

University of Bern:

The University of Bern is the public university, and it has the 114 ranked in the world to grant the best-med education. Also, it produces the experts that are lifelong learners and work to improve themselves. However, the City of Bern is listed among the cities that endow the superb quality of life to their residencies. And this city is well-coming and peaceful for them. Add to this, and you are able to get the best medical lectures for the dentistry, nursing & pharmacy students.

Wrapping up the discussion:

All the above universities are the best that offers a collaborative and awesome learning environment for their candidates. If you have a desire to make a successful dentist, then these mentioned platforms are the best option for them. Now it’s all up to you what you can select for acquiring your dreams.


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