Top 7 Churches in India

Churches, temples, and mosques see no religion. Anyone who feels burdened feels like nothing is going right today or wants to achieve peace can visit any of these holy places. Furthermore, the true spirit of every festival is seen at religious places. Speaking of festivals, Christmas is not far away, and what better places can be to feel its true spirit other than churches. And since India is a religiously diverse country, it too has the best churches.   

Feel divine, rejuvenated, and peaceful at these Indian Churches

Everyone who visits these churches will be amazed by their architectural brilliance and will surely achieve peace of mind, even temporarily.

Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa: If you wish to visit historical churches, start by visiting this UNESCO world heritage site church in Goa known as Basilica of Bom Jesus. Here one can pay respect to St. Francis Xavier, who was the co-founder of Jesuits.

  • It is believed that St. Francis Xavier, whose mummified remains are here in the church, had divine healing powers.

Santa Cruz Basilica in Kerala: An architectural marvel you must visit to believe its magnificence. The Santa Cruz Basilica, located in old Kochi, is one of the eight basilicas in India. The church has paintings from the Holy Bible, and it’s simply spectacular.

  • The church has been spared demolition throughout its history.

Reis Magos Church in Goa: Back in Goa, the beautiful Reis Magos Church on the banks of Mandovi River in Reis Magos Village will captivate you. It was built in 1555 by Franciscan Friars. This Portuguese-styled church is also called the Church of the three Magi Kings.

  • It is one of the scarce churches in India, which yearly celebrates the Feast of the Three Wise Men.

St. Francis Church in Kerala: Fun fact, it is the oldest European church in India, built-in 1503 by the Portuguese; this church holds excellent cultural and historical symbolism as it witnessed the Indian struggle against European colonization.

  • It was architecturally simple. However, the British and Dutch altered it, so it also looks architecturally spectacular now.

Velankanni Church in Tamil Nadu: People can pay their respects to Mother Mary at the Velankanni Church in Tamil Nadu. Praised as the Lourdes of the East, this search is famous throughout the entire country.

  • It is one of the several churches in India where Mother Mary is embellished in a traditional Indian sari.

St. Catherine Church in Goa: Goa gets another spot on this list, and this time it’s the stunning ancient church dedicated to St. Catherine.

The Portuguese-Manueline style church was built to remember the victory of the Portuguese army over the Muslim army leading to Goa’s capture in 1510.  

  • It has one of the world’s largest church bells, known as the Golden Bell.

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