Top Behavioral Health Software Companies to Be on the Lookout for in 2021

Behavioral Health EMR

Behavioral Health is the scientific study of the emotions, behaviors, and biology relating to a person’s mental well-being, their ability to function in everyday life, and their concept of self.

Like every other medical practice, Behavioral health practices also require great EHR software to optimize the processes and increase the revenue that is currently being brought in.


If you are specifically in search of behavioral health software companies, then we have a few suggestions for you but before moving into that, let’s look at some Behavioral health specific EHR features.

Behavioral Health Specific EHR Features

  • DSM-IV Diagnosis codes: To facilitate analysis of psychiatric practice patterns and quality of care, the EHR software needs to have this feature. These codes also help doctors to figure out the best treatment plan for them.


  • Clinical decision support tools: Patient engagement plays a very vital role in behavioral health. With this feature, Patients can easily communicate with the provider about their treatment and their medication or whatever they want to talk about.


  • Medication management and monitoring: This feature allows them to monitor the medications patients are taking and be alerted if the risk of a harmful drug interaction is present.


  • Specialty Specific templates: A behavioral health EMR needs to have specialty-specific templates so that all the information required is in one place. All the education material can be accessed through this feature.


  • Documentation: One of the most essential features of a Behavioral Health EHR Software is the maintenance of regular notes and proper documentation related to medications, health risk factors, outcomes, etc. This helps a lot with decision making.


What are the Top Behavioral Health Software Companies for 2021?

Kareo EMR

When talking about behavioral Health Software companies, one software that we can not avoid talking about is Kareo EMR. One feature that Kareo EMR is very famous for is its telehealth feature. It allows you to be able to conduct sessions with clients virtually through video conferencing.


Kareo has customized solutions for Behavioral health practices. Moreover, it has a SOAP notes feature that lets therapists make notes and keep them all in one place.


Kareo makes sure that the efficiency of your workplace increases along with the productivity levels. It helps you streamline your workflow within days of installation.

DrCloud EHR

DrCloud EHR is a very well designed EHR software that is quite popular for Behavioral health. It is a cloud-based EHR software that has amazing ways of streamlining the workflow right after getting installed.


One feature that DrCloud is very famous for is its patient history feature. This feature lets doctors go over their patient’s history which is pretty important in behavioral health. This feature makes this software one of the top EHR software for Behavioral health.


Other than that, it has a beautifully designed Patient Portal and great revenue management features to improve financial efficiency as well.


If you look at Behavioral health reviews, you’ll notice a lot of users talk about CureMD. The reason why it is one of the Top EHR software for Behavioral health is that it has multiple features to cater to the demands of therapists.


Substance abuse, medication management, diagnostic assessments, and targeted case management are among the top features of CureMD. These tools help therapists get done with their tasks faster and more accurately.


CureMD also has a very extensive e-prescription feature which is very intelligent and works very well for behavioral health software. Overall, this software helps majorly in streamlining the practice and making sure that not only your clinical efficiency improves but your financial efficiency as well.


If you want to know more about any of the mentioned EHR software, you can book a demo for any one of them on Software Finder.

Which Software is Best for your Practice?

Our list has the best behavioral health software companies but which software will suit your practice the most depends on the type of practice you work in. After looking at behavioral Health EHR reviews, we have picked out the best software for 2021. If you are currently in search of a good Behavioral health EHR software, then we would recommend you to check out the software companies we have mentioned.




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