Top Internet Search Engines Used by Security Researchers

You can go to Google, Bing, Safari, or any of the other traditional web browsers if you want to search for the most mundane thing ever. During OSINT, reconnaissance, finding vulnerabilities, finding security breaches in networks, and more, security professionals often need to quickly lookup and correlate data.

In their arsenal of tools, there are search engines that are designed for security researchers and cybersecurity teams to use. These can provide their safety operations with valuable data.

In the area of security operations, these tools can help in finding exposed devices, tracking threats, preparing for spear phishing simulations, and much more.

The best search engines for Professional:


It’s easy to guess why Shodan is the first logical choice, being called both the search engine for hackers as well as the world’s first search engine for Internet-connected devices. Shodan is a monitor and search engine for network security that indexes information from any type of electronic device that has ever been connected to the Internet. And webcams, routers, servers, smart TVs, fridges, traffic lights, heating systems, and much more of every kind.


Censys is similar to Shodan because it monitors all devices exposed on the Internet and provides information and aggregates reports on how devices, websites, and certificates are configured and deployed in the form of a search engine. To help you get the most accurate data about any device connected to the internet, along with details about open ports, protocols, and valid certificates, Censys constantly collects information about connected devices and internet servers.


ZoomEye is a search engine for IoT OSINT that allows connected devices to be found by users. Using Xmap and Wmap to search for Internet-connected devices, it fingerprints all information that has been found and allows users to access curated data from exposed devices and services. ZoomEye acts as a search engine where you can simply enter a query or explore engine-indexed devices and services.


Hunter is a search engine that allows you to find all email addresses that belong to an organization or domain. Enter the company name, and under that domain, you will get a complete list of verified emails, their activities, and public sources from which the address will be discovered. You can also check an email address for deliverability, do these tasks in bulk, and even use the emails discovered to launch email accounts.


For wireless network mapping, WiGLE is a search engine. In fact, the first thing you see when entering the WiGLE interface is a map that shows hotspots and nearby networks when zoomed in. It does so by merging wireless network location and information into a central database that is present through desktop and web applications. To monitor any insecure networks and to see if they are vulnerable to attacks, security professionals use WiGLE.

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