Top Must-Visit Attractions in Iran

Iran is the melt of nature, culture, and history. It is the best- visit destination to spend the holidays in the traveler’s view. It is always difficult to pick out the must-visit places when you are on the destination but don’t worry, informational blogs like this are helpful to decide where to visit and what to do on the certain holiday destination.

In many blogs, I have written for the Muslim readers about the Halal holiday opportunities, Umrah Packages and so many topics of their use. This blog is for the general guide for the tourists visiting Iran about where they should go to Iran to make out their stunning holidays.

Must-Visit Destinations in Iran:

Enlisted destinations are tested and recommended tourist destinations for the general public. If you are intended to visit Iran, on your way, or reached Tehran’s international airport, here is the list of few famous destinations you must visit. Also, enjoy the traditions and culture of current Iran and also get the chance to steep into Iran’s historical perspectives. You will get a chill experience in Iran this time. There you go.

Visit Persepolis – An Ancient Glimpse:

Iran was never the same. It has many historical phases. If you see Iran’s current culture and traditions, it seems that Iran has always be a religious country and part of the region. But if you see the cultural side of Iran, you will get another picture of it and that is so beautiful. I came to know about Iran’s cultural side through Dr. Ali Shariati. I have read him and that gave me a new horizon to think about Iran. For taking the cultural aspect of Iran, you should visit Iran’s archaic places. One of the historically important places is Persepolis in Iran. It is said to be the birthplace of the Persian civilization. This place should be in the first places to visit in Iran.

Dig out History in Chogha Zanbil:

Another very key place to visit in Iran is the UNESCO’s recognized destination in Khuzestan province, Chogha Zanbil. It brings you to the 13th-century BC scriptures, baked bricks, and remains worth to be explored. The rest is to explore the place but I must say, there are a lot of surprises for you on the place. Even you are not a historian, it will catch your all attention and will inspire to embrace the place.

Mosque Nasir ul Mulq in Shiraz:

I’m feeling good to tell you about the most beautiful building in Iran I personally visited and embrace its beauty. People call it The Pink Mosque. No, it doesn’t mean that the mosque is for women, the Pink tells us that the Mosque is colorful. Special colorful glass in the windows makes rainbow on the red carpets of the mosque when the rays of the sun enter the mosque. You can take pictures of yours keeping the rainbow background or can use your skill to take the artistic picture of the place and sell on the internet. The artwork on the walls of the mosque is also admirable. I’m still into the beauties of the mosque. If you are wandering in Iran’s Shiraz, must visit the mosque and admire its beauties.

Get Romantic Vibes in Anzali Lagoon:

It is a place worth visiting when you are fed up visiting the dry historical places in Iran. It is situated in the beautiful city of Iran Bandar Anzali. I recommend the tourists to visit the place to get the authentic soothing and romantic vibes of Iran. You will get a boat ride in the greenest surrounding, chirping birds of various species, emerged blossomed water lotuses. The ambiance of the place makes you embrace the place and visit that again if you are done with the other places in Iran. I’ll prefer to be at the place again whenever I’ll get a chance to land in Iran sometime in the future.

Stop While Crossing the Chalus Road:

The most famous and busy destination comes on the Chalus road where you can have the scenic green water views surrounded by the green mountains. This road is a way out to Iran’s greenest places to visit. While crossing this point on the Chalus road, everyone stops and admires the beautiful nature. You will get greener experiences, will find rocks, tunnels, and much more exploring the northern areas of Iran. I’m feared you will not come back from Iran soon after visiting the most stunning natural places in Iran.

Climb the Rudkhan Castle:

One of the very unique experiences in Iran to climb the Rudkhan castle. Although I have not visited the place but it is said that it takes a thousand steps to climb to reach the green Rudkhan castle. I guess you should not miss the place because it seems to be a place that can give you a stunning experience during your holidays out.

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