Top reasons to Enrol Hip Hop Dance Class

Dance is a form of art that gives a unique sense of freedom. With varied forms, dance forms are certainly going to spoil you for choices. Similarly hip hop is an age-old form of dance that keeps gaining prominent grounds among dance lovers. Empowering individuals with unique dancing styles, hip hop is loved largely for reasons as followed:

It is empowering:

Hi-hip tracks are wrapped with energized vibes, while the tracks being fuelled by beat. The moves are quite power-packed, offering a new sense of strength. Even the most reserved dancer can make the moments worth enjoying once on stage.

Artistic expression:

Hip hop dancers are largely encouraged to swing by the tunes of music. This is also a great way to develop the creativity, while expressing themselves in the best manner. It helps them to rebalance emotions while expressing it through dance form.

Great physical activity:

Among all dance forms, hip hop is one of the greatest cardio workouts that one can indulge in. Offering the perfect balance, coordination and flexibility, hip hop involves moves that facilitates improved physical activity.

Fun and enjoyable:

Not all forms of dance suit everyone, however this is not true for all. Hip hop classes, on the other hand, promises a freer style of movement, with kids dancing to the latest songs in class. This often makes them forget like they are attending a class. Instead, it takes them to a new world of grooving and fun.

Supports mental health:

Exercise helps to relieve stress, and when an exercise is coupled with music, it decreases anxiety and depression. Thus, a hip hop class benefits your mental health, while helping you move to the beat of the songs. Additionally, it also helps in strengthening the muscle memory, while helping the you to stay in tune with your body and movement.

Anaerobic benefits:

Dancing to the tune of hip hop can help in strengthening the muscles in ways unimaginable. The dancer while practicing hip hop work out aerobically in each step. They push themselves to learn and explore the routines while training their muscles beyond the usual routine that they are used to. It benefits the muscles and leverages the flexibility and elasticity in the joints. To reap maximum benefits of hip hop dancing, the child needs to learn the primary basics of the genre, while starting to push themselves further.


Dance class are fun, and when taught in groups, this gives the individuals an opportunity to meet new people apart from their regular circle. This is a crucial aspect of young children, helping them foster social skills while dancing their heart away to tunes of hip hop. Enrol yourself to All Star Studios NYC hip hop dance classes for beginners.

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