Top Reasons why you need to backup your files in this era of Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are increasing at a very fast rate and as we know the year 2017 was a very dangerous year for business holders. In this year many businesses were hacked and even many others were closed at they lost everything.  This year the cybercriminals stole the data of more than 100 million people by using different types of software and tools.

By seeing all this in the year 2017 there was the need for backup and recovery of your files was very important for all the businesses otherwise at any moment you can lose your data without any prior notification. There is no question of why instead the question would be how to back up the data and from where backup to be taken.

All the companies are now having their data in digital form instead of a paper form and so therefore they are in need of IT security. If the business loses the data then it will be downtime, low productivity and reputation will also be in danger, and if all these factors will be there then finally business will shut down.

This disaster is so powerful that it makes the business down within one year or most probably in the upcoming three years most of the business goes down. Therefore, all the business should backup their data and be sure that backup is done correctly and all the systems are been restored without been keeping any type of file in that which could be hazardous for them.

What is data backup and disaster recovery? Are they either the same or different?

Whenever someone listen to backup and recovery they get confused that they are synonymous. But it is not so because they both are very much different from each other. Their difference is very clear and understandable very easily.

Backup is simply the copy of your files or data which is used when your files or data may be corrupted or been erased due to some attacks. Disaster recovery is a process in which a business could quickly bring back the functioning of their business after any disaster with the help of several tools and procedures.

So we should have to make the backup first of all the data then only disaster recovery is possible otherwise without backup it is useless.

Data that you need to backup

You need to backup the entire thing that should not be recovered in any way. You need to backup each and everything from snapshots to streaming all the files, data, databases, applications, media, and all other files or documents which you think are important for your business.

As per the research, it was estimated that most of the business backup virtualized servers and their database. Other backups that users do are some applications and desktop data but they are given priority later.

Top reasons why it is important to backup files or data

So now here comes the reason why we need to backup the files or data of our business. Let us start with the topic.

1.     Threats that are regularly coming and could be dangerous and malicious anytime

The reports that were generated by the IT sectors revealed that the number of cyberattacks has been increasing at a very high rate and had doubled over the previous years. If by chance any attacks happen on your business and for sure you will not be aware of it then what will happen if you do not have any backup of data.

All we know that with the increasing of technology the cybercriminals attacks are also getting very advanced and if they attack your business then you can face a huge loss in the business. If you have done the backup of the data then somehow you can recover again and stand again at the same place but if you lose all the data then it will be a breakdown for your business and maybe you will completely lose your business.

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The businesses which have the most sensitive data are at most in the eyes of the hackers as they target this type of business first of all.

2.     Losses could be very heavy

We do not know how much loss will be there or how much data will be lost if the attackers or hackers attack your business. In today’s era data is the most important key to your business success if no data then any business could stand in the competitive market. So backup and recovery criteria are very important for every business to stand even in the time of any attacks or downtime.

3.     Risk of Reputation Failure

There may be the failure of reputation is a very huge and heavy loss as it cannot be recovered very easily. Money loss could be calculated and could recover at some point in time but if once reputation is gone then it takes years to generate trust again in the eyes of people and have same reputation in the market.

It also affects many things which can totally change the condition of the business. You will time, money, and even the clients. So if this happens to you and you have backup of your data and files then you will not face such a big problem and you would be recovered easily.


So, at last, I hope that you like the article and will adopt all the measures to backup your data and files which are very important for your business success so that if even any attacks also happen at your business then also you should be ready to face it.

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