Traditional Switch vs Smart Switch. What is the Difference?

Regular switches are prevalent. They have been in use for the past many years. In any traditional home, these switches are primarily responsible for controlling the electric supply. However, technology has progressed, and these smart switches have found their way into home automation. A smart switch relay is a direct replacement for a traditional switch. They are installed using the existing in-wall back boxes. They work in the same way as a regular switch, but also provide new ways to control the home lighting and other wired devices. These can be controlled remotely using a dedicated app which means, you can access them from anywhere and anytime.

Plenty of Uses


  • Control lights and devices like regular switches
  • Can be controlled using smart speakers
  • Can be controlled using a smartphone
  • Can be operated as per a schedule to turn on and off the lights at a specific time of day
  • Adjustable to scenes and mood while watching movies, reading book
  • Allow event-based automation like smart devices with a smart home hub or task automation

Many Benefits

  • Smart switches are primarily meant for more convenience. They enable you to control the lights using the smartphone. Besides, the on-off and dimming function using the voice or app, a smart switch can also sense motion and turn on-off as you move in or out of the room. The smart dimmers can automatically adjust the bedroom lights, slowly growing brighter when you wake up. Smart switches can also be programmed to switch off every light automatically when you leave the house. However, this added functionality doesn’t come at the cost of manual operations of the switch.
  • When you start linking the smart lighting to other devices, it leads to a better experience. A personalized experience is what a smart switch can be used for. So, when the HVAC adjusts the temperature to the exact specifications, the smart switch makes it possible. When the hallway lights turn on automatically when you are close to the door, the smart switches are at work.
  • Smart switches can help you maintain the necessary timed schedules. The capability to switch the lights on or off on own when you are away on vacation makes your presence thus securing your home. Smart outdoor lighting that is linked to motion sensors lights up the hallway when the sensor is triggered. Smart lighting is a big step towards the safety of the home. When it is integrated with the alarm system, it becomes even more useful. Smart security systems are one of the fastest-growing technologies in the smart home space. The smart light switches are one key component to a smart and safe family.
  • Lighting your home contributes significantly to electricity each year. However, if you use dimming and occupancy sensing in the home, the electricity consumption can be reduced by 60 percent. While the actual savings depend on the usage, but there are real benefits of switching to a smart light project.

Reduce Electricity Bills Now!

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